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Goddess Enchantment
by Carrie Kirkpatrick
Introduction  |  Goddess Hecate  |  Goddess Athena

If you wanted divine guidance in ancient days, you would go to the local temple of whichever Goddess specialised in the area you were concerned about. There, you would ask the priest or priestess for an oracle, whereupon they would go into trance and channel the voice of the Goddess. It was the ancient equivalent of consulting a psychic today.

In recent times, the Goddesses have become popular again as both women and men are attracted to a Divine source which is feminine. This may be a reaction to the patriarchal religions that have ruled the Earth for so long. The Goddess energy is vibrant, and many women find it empowering to connect with it during meditation, rituals and workshops. Now you can find Goddess conferences everywhere.

The Goddesses have long been revered by the Pagan community, but their following is now growing with people from many faiths, especially those interested in psychic and spiritual development. Working with the Goddesses is a quick and easy way to bring about positive change in your life, as their energy is very accessible.

There are many different Goddesses you can work with, and many people like to work with more than one at a time.

As a TV Psychic, I often find myself guiding people in matters of love. In many cases, the heart needs to be healed and the self esteem restored before the person can move on to attract new love into their life.

I like to teach people a guided visualisation which takes them into a healing cave made of rose quartz where they can heal their heart, aided by the use of rose quartz crystal placed on the heart chakra. In this cave they meet Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess of love, beauty and luxury. She is also the Goddess of bellydancing and feeling sensuous about yourself. Through working with Hathor, you can heal your heart of old emotional scars and pain. You can reawaken the lover within; you may even be inspired to change your image to represent your transformation. Hathor can show you how to reawaken your sensuality and confidence in your own beauty. Not everyone needs a makeover, but the ability to change your appearance in some way can become a magical act, reinforced every time you look in the mirror and see a different version of yourself looking back at you.

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