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Jennifer Aniston
by Derryck Strachan
With an enviable list of ex-partners that includes Brad Pitt, Jennifer`s love life has been bittersweet. Does her recent engagement with actor/screenwriter Justin Theroux represent a turning of the tide?

Born on February the 11th, Jennifer Aniston is an Aquarian. The traits of this particular sign may have some bearing on her relationship history. Hard-working and pragmatic, Aquarians can also be high-strung and say things in the heat of the moment. They`re  renowned for being able to ‘read people’  effortlessly.

When paired with a headstrong Sagittarius like Brad Pitt, Jennifer’s Aquarian energies may cause her to “zone in” on the negative traits of her partner, and eventually sabotage the relationship. Brad  rarely speaks about his marriage to Jennifer, but the zodiac gives immediate insight into their incompatibility.

In zodiac terms, an Aquarian’s most compatible partner is perhaps a Gemini. Geminis are intelligent, creative and appreciative of a partner’s positive aspects, as well as being sensitive to their insecurities. While some might interpret the sign of the twins as being an entanglement of paradoxes, the reality is that Geminis are ready to accept characteristics in a partner that are apparently opposite to their own. This is because the duality of their star sign gives them greater insight into the essence of another person.

Justin Theroux is not a Gemini but a Leo. This is the opposite sign of Aquarius—but fortunately for Aniston, these opposites can often make a great pair. While both signs can be stubborn and unwilling to back down—leading to heated arguments—Aquarius is attracted to the regal, generous, protective aspects of Leo. The lion, in turn, is turned on by the Aquarian creativity and imagination.

In Theroux, Jennifer may have finally found a partner who can offer not only support, but also a safe haven when her Aquarian nerves become frayed. As with any romance, the stars can shine a light on how things will work out—but only time will tell.

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