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Faithful or Flirty?
by Maggie Hyde
Are you a loyal Leo or a flirty Gemini? An intense and jealous Scorpio or a cool, casual Aquarian? Your star sign and gender can show your natural relationship style - and whether you or your partner are likely to stray.

Aries Woman
Ruled by Mars, planet of action and desire, you`re not the sort to waste time, and when you fall for someone, you want him here and now. Fiery and passionate, you`re totally faithful while the flames are burning, but rapidly cool off and move on when you hit cinders. Your best chance of staying faithful is to hitch up with a guy who`s away a lot, doing long stints in Bosnia. That way, when he`s home on leave you`ll be sizzling, and when he`s away, you`re free to play.

Aries Man
The male Ram sees things from a straightforward point of view - his own. There`s an animal in there, and he`ll follow his instincts without a second thought, so he`s easy to lead astray. He`s a wham-bam, thank you ma`am type of guy, and a longer term vision of faithfulness tends not to register. But he`ll fight for his rights - especially his right to his partner - and be blazingly loyal if there`s a threat from any other predator.

Taurus Woman
Ruled by sensuous Venus, a close, physical encounter is your way of creating a sense of loyalty, and intimate images of being together often warm your thoughts and make you smile. You work hard to build a relationship, so you won`t easily let it go. Being faithful sometimes gets tied up with possessiveness for you, and if you don`t get enough loving, it expresses in your need for loads of cash instead. Your stickability means you`re one of the most faithful zodiac signs, and because you don`t like change, once you`ve made a commitment you`ll even stick with a crummy relationship, come hell or high water.

Taurus Man
The male Bull makes a great lover because he`s got such a hunky warm touch and feel. You can wind him up emotionally or intellectually and he won`t even notice, but betray him with your physical body and he sees it as a cardinal sin. At heart he believes he owns his woman and her body, like a piece of real estate. Once your relationship is established he`ll be solid as a rock, and he will rarely forfeit what he has built up for the sake of a one night stand.

Gemini Woman
Ruled by quick-thinking Mercury, the Trickster planet, you know how to trick and treat any man you`re after, so fidelity isn`t exactly top of your shopping list. The key to togetherness for you is communication, and the more you can share ideas and rap with the man in your life, the more loyal you`ll become. You can`t bear to be tied down, so you need to convince - or con - yourself that you`ve kept your options open. Only then can you be really happy, playing the love-game with just one partner.

Gemini Man
Women who have had grief from a Gemini man often think he`s a two-timing so-and-so, but this prankster truly doesn`t know what all the fuss is about. The duality in the sign of the Twins means it`s in his nature to want two of everything good that`s going. He can run two cars, two jobs and two women and be absolutely faithfully committed to them both - when he happens to be around, that is.   

Cancer Woman
Ruled by the mysterious and feminine Moon, as a Cancer woman you know your most intense experience of loyalty in the mother-role, and fidelity equates with living for the ones you love. Love like this doesn`t seem to ask for anything in return, but in practice you can get so hurt and weepy when you feel rejected that you try to control the emotional agenda in your family or working group. Bonds of love can easily turn into binds, but in your heart-of-hearts, you know that true fidelity also means giving your partner the space to be free.

Cancer Man
The male Crab sometimes disguises his shy, sensitive feelings under a defensive don`t-worry-about-me or I-don`t-care-anyway shell, but this man is a tender turn as a lover, warm, caring and kind. Show him affection and you`ll be rewarded with faithful friendship and love in return. Once he sees you as one of his Cancerian clan, you`re family and you know he`s in this for life. Infidelity is just not an option. Great if you love him. A pain if you`re trying to escape!

Leo Woman
Fiery Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Lion is THE sign of loyalty and faithfulness. Once you have declared your love, you`ll stay true as a matter of personal pride and dignity. The words of the marriage vow sum it up: love, honour and obey, so long as HE obeys YOU, of course. Being authentic and following your heart matters a lot to you, too, and because you see love and loyalty as inseparable, when you fall out of love, you don`t hesitate to move on.

Leo Man
The male Lion loves to love and loves to be loved, strutting around like a peacock to prove it to the rest of the world. It`s a treat to be courted by a Leo because he`ll make you feel like a million dollars, and he`s generous to boot. But this man has AFFAIRS, and he`ll only stay faithful if he feels he`s in charge, and if life together is still fun in the sun.  

Virgo Woman
Ruled by smart, intelligent Mercury, your love and loyalty are quiet and understated. Togetherness for you ties in with serving and tending but you`re no doormat and you won`t let your fidelity be abused. The zodiac image of the Virgin is a bit of a joke because underneath that demure exterior you`re hot as mustard. You see nothing wrong in picking and mixing casual relationships before you settle, like a swan, on your one true love.

Virgo Man
When he`s relaxed with a woman he`s fun and charming and there`s no more attentive lover, but he`ll be just the same with other women so don`t be fooled. Gush and mush is out, but he will try to get the little things you like right, and that`s how he shows that he`s faithful. If it all gets too intense he`ll crack little jokes about you and him, as if he`s being fickle, but that`s when you know he`s really turning on to you and him as something special.

Libra Woman
Libra comes under Venus, planet of love, and because its symbol is the see-saw Scales, needing a twosome, you are never fully happy without a relationship on the go. For you, a partnership is a deal and a trade-off, with something in it for you both, and fidelity means being able to see your lover`s point of view. But you`re a first-class flirt and love playing the seduction game with any good looking bloke you meet at a party. Libra may be fair, but you`re not always faithful.

Libra Man
Vive la difference should be etched on this charmer`s tombstone, because the Libra man enjoys the company of women more than men, and can`t help wanting to be around the opposite sex. The problem is that his scales are often equally balanced and because he can`t decide between two choices, he does neither. The worst-case outcome for the triangle he creates is that he lets down both his wife AND his lover - again, and again.  

Scorpio Woman
Your planets are sexy, wilful Mars and hypnotic Pluto, so a life of sexual passion really matters, and your love affairs are dramatic and full-blooded. Loyalty is a big issue for you, and because you`re slow to trust a man, you put him through tests and trials before you commit. Being betrayed makes your heart as cold as ice and you`re not beyond taking hideous revenge, but sometimes its your OWN loyalty that`s in question. When you`re being a bad, bad Scorpio, how faithful are YOU with your secrets and manipulative moves?

Scorpio Man
The male Scorpion is famous for his sexiness  -  and his deadly sting! He`s often reserved and self-controlled, but once he`s involved he is an intense and committed lover. He can get so obsessed with a woman that jealousy takes over, and like Othello, he misreads the signs and sees imaginary betrayal in every innocent situation. Not one to trifle with. He can be totally faithful, but he`s so full of secrets, you never really know.

Sagittarius Woman
Ruled by far-sighted and visionary Jupiter, your horsy, passionate sign is the free spirit of the zodiac, and although you chuck love and loyalty around freely, you chafe at the bit if you`re trapped by commitment. To be faithful to a man he`s got to inspire you, but when he finally loses his twinkle and his winkle, you can`t wave goodbye quick enough.

Sagittarius Man
The secret of the Sagittarian Archer is that he`s always moving on to do something bigger, bolder and better, and if you`re not part of his adventure story, you soon become history. He`ll be amazingly faithful to some big idea or cause, or a guru in Nepal, but when it comes to boring old everyday living, forget fidelity. If he gives you a speech about freedom and the need for an `open relationship` you`ll know which way his wind is blowing.  

Capricorn Woman
Earthy Capricorn comes under Saturn, planet of time and duty, so you`re not the type to go overboard about your relationships. Besides, you don`t rate passion under the duvet that highly, and since so few things in life reach their potential, you`re not too phased by wrong-doing involving your partner - or you. For you, fidelity is about a shared commitment or special project important to you both. You`ll go flat out to make it work, and turn a blind eye to things that don`t affect it.

Capricorn Man
The male Capricorn is good on the practical side of life, like paying the mortgage or taking care of the kids, and comes across as such a straight, decent bloke that no-one ever guesses what a horny old Goat he can be. He`s broadly faithful when he feels officially committed, but he often equates fidelity with doing his duty. Judge him on how much time he spends with you. If he`s there, you matter, and in his book, that`s loyalty.

Aquarius Woman
Self-disciplined Saturn makes you a cool love customer, and for you, being faithful is all part of being a true friend as well as a lover. But every now and again your other planet, independent Uranus, blows you out of a relationship when you believe it`s had its day. Once you decide that it`s over, out of the blue, your steely behaviour is a big shock to your ex, and your only loyalty lies in being true to yourself.

Aquarius Man
The male Water Carrier is a man of ideas and firm principles, and once he`s got the idea of you and him into his head, it stays there. This can take a long time to happen, but then he is totally faithful and believes you are, too. He despises deception, so if he does find another lover, you`ll probably be the first to know. If he gets betrayed, he`ll drive himself crazy looking for reasons, and he`ll be seriously hard work for the next woman who comes along.

Pisces Woman
Ruled by theatrical Jupiter and impressionable Neptune, your mysterious pulling power is legendary and you`re rarely without a man in tow. The big problem is keeping it down to one at a time. You MEAN to be faithful, but your head never rules your heart and because you can see the best in everyone and have a soft spot for lost souls, you easily get sucked in to new affairs. Every time around, you think it`s for real, until you swim off elsewhere.

Pisces Man
The Pisces male is a zodiac Casanova, notching up lovers and boasting about his sexual Olympics. This slippy fish thinks monogamy must be some kind of board game, but he is faithful, in an odd sort of way. One of his fish will be quite devoted to his long-term partner and settled situation, while the other is hooked on a flirty lover. This is the guy who gets chucked out, twice over. If only he could have BOTH, what a happy little tadpole he would be.

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