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What Are Soul Mates?
by Pavilou Landraagon
Most of us want a soul mate, but what does it actually mean to find it? Are they always pleasant relationships? Can finding your soul mate actually mean a whole heap of trouble, and what happens if you never meet them?

Humans are social creatures, and the quest to find that special someone is a search that may occur not once but maybe 2 or 3 times in our life. You may wonder how that can be true - surely finding your soul mate is a once in a life-time chance to meet a partner so connected to you that they know your thoughts before you say anything. A bit annoying if you want to have a spend up on the housekeeping and your plans have been spotted before you’ve opened your mouth!

According to an Eastern esoteric way of thinking, we share karmic bonds with certain individuals, and therefore have to meet again to work out unresolved issues. Are these people, with whom we have such a strong connection for better or worse, actually our soul mates?

If this is true, the key with soul mates is resolution. People commonly stay in relationships plagued with pain and difficulty, convinced that a strong bond exists - when perhaps in reality, you were supposed to meet, resolve the bonds of karma, and move on. This can happen in the form of a romance, friendship, family, or even work relationship.

This doesn`t mean that we go through endless love relationships, quitting them every time it gets difficult or we feel bored. There is another kind of soul mate, one to whom you are committed to learning from through all the stages of life. This is often the kind of relationship that our souls yearn for, and we will often keep seeking until we find it. This too can happen in a variety of relationships, including friendships with animals.

Soul mates go deeper than just fairy tale romance, and you may have more than one. Most importantly, a soul mate relationship may be harder, not easier, to navigate. But it will always be a relationship worth having.

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