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Find Your Twin Flame
by Patrick Arundell
If you’re a singleton, sometimes it can feel as if everyone else in the world is cuddled up in cozy, blissful coupledom, whereas you seem to have flown solo forever. If this rings a few cosmic bells for you, perhaps it is time to get proactive and spark the fates into finding you a fantastic Twin Flame.

Visualizing Love

First off, you could try some visualization; the idea is that the reality we live in is entirely malleable, so all you need to do is use your will to edge events in your favor. Visualization is simple - it requires nothing but a smidgen of imagination and lots of determination. And of course, you have oodles of both!

Firstly, make some "you time." Consider what you want from your potential Mr or Ms Perfect. Don’t be too shy to aim high, just think what the person of your dreams would be like: their character, their looks, their hobbies and how they`d interact with you. When you’ve finished designing your dreamboat, find a quiet place and think about them. See them in your mind’s eye, hear their voice, feel their breath on your cheek and on your neck...steady! Now, the best part - visualize that you are actually with them - and of course they`re delighted to be with you! As you do this, change your mindset - see this as no longer a daydream, but a reality. Don’t imagine this as a future event but as having already happened. Do this for about half an hour a day, but don’t spend the remaining time wondering if it will work, for that is self-defeating. Assume it works and carry on with your life, making sure you get out socializing or flirt on-line, as much as possible.


Of course, it could be that you are shy and see yourself as somewhat of a shrinking violet when it comes to relationships, which makes it harder to meet others. This can be cured with a technique similar to visualization, but even easier.

Once a day, make the time to look in the mirror and tell yourself what a great person you are, that you are confident, warm and friendly and that others will recognize these qualities in you too. At first you will probably feel a little bit daft but stay with it - in time your confidence will grow and bear the fruit of improved reactions from others.

Reigniting the flame with Feng Shui

If your love life is as stale as a well worn pair of slippers, it might be time to tidy up. Feng Shui can ignite new passion and inspire a pulsating new encounter.

Feng Shui means "wind and water", but it is easier to think of it as the art of manipulating the spaces within your home to increase chi (energy). This can attract happiness, wealth and, in this case - sizzling love!

The love area of your home is either the South Western corner or the uppermost right corner. Unsurprisingly, your bedroom is also a haven for love relationships - thus many Feng Shui experts focus on this area of the abode. For example, if your bedroom is cluttered or full of things from a past relationship, or if the wardrobe is full of an old flame`s clothes, Feng Shui suggests there may simply not be enough space in your life to attract a new lover.

Fortunately there is a remedy for this situation. Clear enough room around your personal space for another person to join you, whilst ensuring that there is enough space under the bed for the chi to roam freely! Improve the flow of energy in the bedroom by removing mirrors, plants, dull colors, - even your TV and PC.

It also helps if you have pairs of items in the relevant spaces, such as two pillows on the bed, two vases on the table, images of couples, and so on. Your bed is also significant; it should be strong and stable, and ideally it should not have been shared during a previous relationship. If that`s not possible, try putting your mattress in the sun for a few hours and then cover it with crisp new bedding. It should also possess a solid headboard which "backs you up".

The Southwest corner of your home (between 202.5 and 247.5 degrees of the compass) as we have already learned, is associated with love. In Feng Shui, there are certain things that can empower this area and hopefully improve your love life. The element of this space is earth, so beige, light yellow and sandy shades work well here. You might also like to add fiery tones like reds and oranges. Traditionally, in Feng Shui butterflies are associated with attraction because they can choose from many suitors. So if you can place images of butterflies in this area, so much the better!

Sparking attraction with Crystals

You might like to carry a special crystal with you or, in a kind of belt and braces approach, place it in the southwest corner of your home. After all, crystals are beautiful, and since love and beauty go hand-in-hand (be it spiritual or physical), it makes sense to use beauty to bring love into your life. Crystals are semi-precious stones with healing, spiritual and magical properties. The best crystal for love is rose quartz.

Rose Quartz is connected with the Heart Chakra, and is powerful in matters of affection,love, attraction and emotions. It also encourages self-esteem, which is vital for anyone who wants to attract a sensual and loving soul mate!

There are a number of ways to use rose quartz. You might like to place a rose quartz sphere in a location where you want to draw love around you, such as the bedroom. Alternatively, a rose quartz stone under your pillow at night could keep you young and bring the love of your dreams to you. Or, simply wear rose quartz jewelery to attract new love interest. Just make sure you cleanse the crystal and fill it with your intentions for best results!

Sprinkle Stardust on your prospects

If you fancy using folklore remedies to bag a dazzling and beguiling new beau, you might like to use the fiery stars to ignite your love life. To meet your future flame, count seven stars in the sky on seven successive nights, and on the eighth day you should meet your new sumptuous squeeze. I imagine that they might be an astronomer or someone with a rather stiff neck - like yours - after all that stargazing, but hey, if you are serious about finding love in 30 days, it might just be worth a try!

Is there “scope” in Astrology?

The answer is yes! However, this does challenge you to let go of any past hurt connected with an old relationship. So, if you had a bit of a disaster with a Leo, don’t write off any new Leos you might meet. If you got on blindingly well with a Pisces in the past, don’t automatically assume the same will happen with every other Pisces. Remember, in astrology there are other crucial aspects in relationship compatibility, such as ascendant, Moon and Venus positions.

If you find yourself seriously drawn to someone, but your Sun signs are not ideally matched, don’t write off the prospect of a steamy alliance. Talk to a Star Temple astrologer and get them to compare those key positions based on your time, place and date of birth, and this will provide clear insight into your future prospects together and the potential levels of harmony!

Remember - an open mind is your best friend. No human being or partnership is perfect! Look out for ways in which you are narrowing your net, and giving yourself less chance of meeting that wonderful Twin Flame within 30 days!

Your 30 days start now. Good luck!

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