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Celeb Matchups
by Adam Smith
Some celebrities make a natural astro-match - at least for a while - and it’s easy to see what draws them together or ultimately sends them packing. Brad and Angelina for example are, respectively, Sagittarius and Gemini Suns, a famous case of opposites attracting. After all, they got together on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith, in which they have it out for each other. Last year it appeared the magic was at an end, but conflicting reports of a breakup are inevitable for a couple of this status, with opposing astrological synastry and complex public relations concerns.

On the other hand, having two Sun-signs in the same element makes for a healthy and easy mix. LeAnn Rimes, for example, is a Libra Sun, with Venus in Virgo. Eddie Cibrian is Sun Gemini with Venus in Cancer. This is a good astro-match all round.

The Moon tells us about our emotional nature, which is clearly vital when we’re getting on with each other from day to day. This planet is important for both sexes, but in a man’s chart particularly, the Moon’s sign says the kind of woman he is attracted to. Justin Timberlake has his Moon in Sagittarius, so he looks for a spirited and freedom-loving woman.

Regardless of his partner’s actual sign, he will always idealize Sagittarian traits, and even imagine that she possesses them regardless! This may be difficult if his girlfriend has no planets in Sagittarius at all An astrologer will tell you about your ideal image of a man or woman.

Venus is the other planet that a man ‘projects’ on to a woman. If Venus and the Moon are similar in nature, his relationship needs are straightforward, but otherwise it requires balance. It is very rare for everything to fit together ‘perfectly’ and there are always adjustments to make. Justin Timberlake’s Venus is in Capricorn shows he likes earthy qualities in a woman.

The Sun in a woman’s chart says something about the kind of man she is attracted to. This doesn’t mean they all marry guys of the same sign, but a compatible element (fire, earth, air, water) is good. When couples’  Sun signs are very different, we look to other planets for the attraction. Beyonce Knowles is a Sun Virgo and husband Jay-Z is Sagittarius, earth and fire, not an obvious mix. But Beyonce’s Mars is in Leo, which means she looks for fiery, flamboyant qualities in a man. This planet matches perfectly with Jay-Z’s freedom-loving Venus in Sagittarius.:  astrological chemistry at its absolute best.

Barack and Michelle Obama are Leo and Capricorn Sun respectively and many people have commented on their independent career paths. There is bound to be competition and compromise in such a high-pressure relationship. How do they relax? With a perfect match between his Venus in Cancer and her Venus in Pisces, chemistry is not a problem. Venus is also planet of the arts and they were apparently first drawn together by shared musical tastes.

Good astrology doesn’t guarantee love lasting and true, but its principles have stood the test of time. Some challenges between two people’s charts are sometimes helpful to keep things interesting, but knowing your personal horoscope lets you see the dynamics of your relationship very clearly – just like the celebrities.

Have your chart done by a psychic and you will see your full compatibility revealed.

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