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Psychic Fitness
by Pavilou Landraagon
Psychic skills require exercise and training - here are some tips from our psychics on how to stay psychically fit.


“I meditate everyday, a strong regime of 20 minutes yoga and 20 minutes meditation, to allow my awareness to open up to the messages that are coming through psychically.  A healthy nourishing diet to feed the brain, lots of water, wisdom and faith, an inner knowing, balance of the inner and outer worlds.  A quick resume with my Spirit Guide, young David the Monk, who was with me from day one.  A sharp ear, a sharp sense of feeling and seeing."     Talk to Alison NOW!


“I find the following essential for my personal spiritual or psychic fitness.

Meditation: to maintain attunement to the spirit world I find regular meditation the single most important exercise. A quiet and peaceful mind helps to keep clarity. I don’t meditate on anything, I just let the thoughts and pictures come.

Practice: practice makes perfect, so they say. Regular participation in development circles helps to look at what we do from different views. Different mediums work in different ways and keeping an open mind to new or different techniques allows us to learn from each other and grow.

Rest: good quality rest and sleep are important, as a tired mind cannot function as well as a rested mind."     Talk to Eric NOW!


“Doing readings regularly could be likened to a professional musician or an athlete’s practice; it exercises the correct ‘muscles’ and makes sure the energy doesn’t get stuck. And I’ve learned to not allow any negativity to stick to my aura. It helps to smudge (cleanse the subtle body with sacred smoke from dried herbs such as sage) on a regular basis. For me this is usually at the dark moon, and the Celtic holy days. It helps to do a grounding ceremony and to pray and visualize light, colour, protection.

Visualisations are spontaneous and can change, but basically just the thought of a safe and secure personal space is the key. All this plus the invocation of spirits, deities or guides through the psychic journey all give me the sense of clarity and safety I need to do this work. Really I guess I could go on for a few more paragraphs, as this subject fascinates me and is close to my heart. I do look forward to seeing the results of the enquiry from other readers as well!"     Talk to Jeannie NOW!


“Yes you could put about the chakras and meditation to make connections to spirits. I also ground myself by going outside and touching the earth. I also use a small crystal pendant to give me energy and a rose quartz. I also use feng shui to cleanse my area and to cleanse my body and mind, so I also have lots of fresh flowers and some wind chimes around my home to circulate energy and push away poor energy. I try and keep balance and harmony around me. I use lavender candles in my home all of this keeps me on top form and physically sharp.”     Talk to Rachel NOW!

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