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Are You In A Personal Recession?
by Amana Walker
If you are stuck in a personal recession, all you can see is bad luck.
You get overlooked at work, you get the parking tickets, and good things ‘never’ happen to you. Even when things go right, you still don’t believe it. You find yourself talking negatively (or joining in and agreeing when others are); you just can’t see how you will ever find love or happiness, and regardless of how well your business is doing, you are still unhappy.

Here are some simple, every day actions to turn your life around and get out of your personal recession.

Feed your mind with healthy, positive thoughts

If you want to get physically healthy, you change your diet and eat healthy foods. In order to change your outlook on life, catch yourself thinking negatively and turn these thoughts around into something positive. Don’t criticize yourself. Be your own best friend and start supporting yourself in thought. Say good things about yourself, to yourself. Make a list of your strengths and achievements, using it as an inspiration when self doubt creeps in. When you believe in yourself, you give others more reason to believe in you.

Make a plan for what you want to achieve

What do you really want in life? Rather than just wishing (or telling yourself it will never happen), set some goals. Make deadlines and list all the things you could possibly do to meet them. If something isn`t working, don`t get despondent. Find out why, and change your plan if you need to. Your coach will keep you on track, and you can enlist the help of an honest friend or colleague. The harder you try, the luckier you might get!    

Find a role model

Who do you really admire? Look at someone who inspires you, who has achieved some aspects of the life you want. How did they reach that point?  As long as you stay true to who you are, modeling the actions of someone who has done it, will help you get there quicker. Usually you`ll find that role models got to where they are by hard work and dedication, not just luck.

Make yourself likeable

The most popular, successful people in life are generally the most likeable. You don’t have to be super talented or a genius and you don’t have to be a stunner. If you take a genuine interest in others, and always look enthusiastic and happy (a smile doesn’t hurt, does it now?) then you will be surprised who wants to know you. We all want to be around people who make us feel good, and who are bright and positive in every circumstance.

To stay in a positive frame of mind, think of times when you felt fantastic, or stood out for some reason. Do something that gets you absolutely buzzing like sport, dance or music. The activity doesn’t matter—it’s the effect it has on you that counts!

Be grateful for everything you do have

You are a ‘lottery’ winner! Remember that not everyone is as lucky as you are. If you are healthy, have a home, have some family or friends, and have enough money to eat every day, you really are a lottery winner. Life itself is a lottery, and there are millions around the world who would probably love to be in your shoes.

Look around and appreciate your current life - it’s only when we lose what’s important to us that we realise just how much we have. People who are appreciative and humble tend to be warm and caring - this makes them like a magnet for others.    

This could be the best week of your life. Focus on what you do have, what is going well, and what it is about you that people like. When you raise your personal bar, you raise the bar on your life. 

Amana Walker is Head Coach and Director of Walkahead, a straightforward personal coaching and development company. Email Amana at

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