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Moon Wisdom
by Nigel Moen
The Moon is a powerful force in earthly life. All creatures respond to the moon in some way, and the tremendous force of the shifting tides are due to its gravity. The moon is a guide, not only to the rhythm of nature but to the effects of our actions.

New Moon

When the moon is new it is like a seed, waiting in darkness but buzzing with the energy of intent, emergence and growth. It is auspicious to start new projects during this time, entertain new options and ideas, take first steps. Nature is building toward a new crescendo - the time to be positive, proactive and constructive is now. The sooner after the new moon a project is started, the better, as you`ll be able to build on what you`ve started during the two-week waxing period.

First Quarter

As the light of the moon expands in the sky, it is time to put ideas into action. The seed of the New Moon has sprouted. The same forward-looking, highly creative energy continues, but it now begins its journey out of darkness into the manifest.

Second Quarter

The Moon increases in luminescence and majesty, coming close to its full brilliance. The promise of completion is present in the second quarter moon. Obstacles are met and overcome, details are fine-tuned, and resistance falls away as momentum takes over and carries the cycle toward completion.

Full Moon

The culmination of the lunar phase is as strange and powerful as it is beautiful. The heightened energy can really be felt - animals are unpredictable, police stations are busier, yogis are meditating all night, and your inner wolf is howling. The promise of the full moon, which started two weeks prior with the germination of the seed, has been fulfilled. Momentum comes to a standstill as the Moon stands in all its glory. It is auspicious to bring projects to conclusion at full moon, to pause and express gratitude, to feel the awe inspired by nature`s forces.

Third Quarter

As the momentum swings from creativity toward reflection, the Full Moon has born fruit. Your endeavors have produced results, given by nature, which now need to be collected, shared and enjoyed. This is a time of wisdom and mutual support as the light of the Moon, still bright and brilliant, begins to retreat.

Last Quarter

This phase teaches us to let go of the past. The cycle has turned seed into fruit, but everything must begin anew. The last quarter is for resting and contemplation as nature prepares for a new incarnation, free of the old and unneeded energies of previous incarnations. Many people find themselves quiet, reflective and engrossed in their thoughts during this phase. Nature needs time to rest, as the cycle begins all over again in a few short days!

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