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Daily News 18 July
Ben Kingsley explores his dark side
The legendary actor, perhaps most famous for his spot-on portrayal of Ghandi, is exploring a not-so-peaceful area of his psyche with his role as The Mandarin in Iron Man III. The character, an evil genius and martial arts expert wreaking havoc on the world, is thought to be one of the greatest villains in comic book history. Kingsley has admitted that the character "released demonic layers in me."

So what attracts Kingsley to this and other dark roles, and what allows him to play them so well?

Sir Ben is a Capricorn born in the Chinese Year of the Sheep. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the most feared (and perhaps venerated) planet in astrology. Associated with hard lessons, restrictions and psychological coldness, Saturn keeps us on our toes and demands respect. Some see it as the villain of astrology, although in truth, Saturn is an indispensable planet with many valuable qualities. Nonetheless, tuning into its dark side can produce some fairly frightening results!

The Sheep, meanwhile, is known to be a docile and passive sign - but like any position in the zodiac, it has a potential dark side. If it wanders too far from the flock, narcissism and egomania are liable to show up in its psyche - as well as a fatalistic attitude and an inability to forgive. Sounds an awful lot like a villain!

Combine the dark side of Kingsley`s astrological signature with his superb acting skills, and you just might end up with one of the most memorable dark characters in screen history.
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