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Everyday Spells and Magic
by Katie Leigh
A friend of mine is a ‘Wish Witch’.  She was once very late for a ritual.  Her car wouldn’t start and the AA could find no fault with it.  Earlier, she’d wished she could avoid an obligatory shopping trip before the meeting.  So be careful what you ask for!

Only ask in magic when you are prepared to accept the consequences, because once you are flowing and flowering magically, your wishes will start to manifest without spells.

Choosing a deity

There is no better guide for your magical development than a deity from a pantheon you strongly resonate with.  Choose one that speaks to you, be it Celtic, Egyptian, Amerindian or Asian. Read the stories so you know what qualities belong with your deity before asking for their help.  Avoid all tricksters until you’re an expert.  Make space for your mentoring deity within your home, creating a shrine with objects shown to you by the deity in your daily life – feathers, stones, shells etc.

Going with the flow

Watch the Earthly and heavenly cycles and work with them.  Solar tides flow through the year and within a given day.  Dawn and Spring bring new beginnings. Midday and Midsummer bring fulfillment and warmth.  Dusk and Autumn take away unwanted energies, while Midnight and Midwinter bring negation. Marking these tides will bring your life into synchronicity and improve your magical instincts. 

Learn about the elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Air – these are thebuilding blocks of magic used all over the world.  Assess how they appear in youreveryday life. For example, excessive airy mental anxiety, typical ofurban 21st century life, often manifests in computers crashing andlight bulbs blowing. Keep in mind that practical action (e.g. oiling the hinges on a door) often  releases blocks on other levels.  When we balance the elements in our life, Spiritis generated spontaneously and magic is present.

Don’t try to understand everything at once intellectually.  Ask for guidance in integrating these things on a physical, practical level in your life and your mentor will help.  Realise it’s not about lighting a candle and wishing.  You need to balance your spirituality with your mortality.

A simple spell

In order to manifest your wishes on a physical level and really get results, try baking your wishes into a loaf of bread (your kitchen can be an alchemist’s den). Make the bread carefully, using the finest ingredients. When it`s ready, reiterate your wishes and share the bread with wild birds.  This nurtures the wish within yourself and spreads it far and wide as powerful magic.

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