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Break Free in the New Year
by Pavilou Landraagon
You`ve made the New Year`s resolutions, and maybe you`ve had some success, but more than likely you hardly noticed them retreating into the background, and fading away altogether. This year can be different - here`s how.

Change your approach
Instead of going through the same old routine, why not try making new, fresh, exciting resolutions - ones you can actually realize. Your old resolution might have been ‘I will eat no more junk food’. A new resolution could be ‘I will eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day.’ This is easy to keep to and helps ease you into a healthy eating plan. But you won’t stick to it unless it is specific – so be specific. Decide what fruit, vegetables or salad you will eat each day.

Think small
Set measurable goals, like dropping one clothing size or reducing your cholesterol level by a reasonable number of points. Setting goals too high hinders the daily action that ultimately bring goals within reach.

Work It out
Your old resolution might have been ‘I am going to exercise every day’. Your new resolution could be ‘I will exercise three times a week.’ This is much easier to fit in to your life. Punishing your mind and body by telling yourself ‘I must exercise every day’ can be counter productive. It is the quality and not the quantity that really matters. Spend quality time on something you really enjoy, three times a week. Pushing yourself to do something you don’t enjoy every day is setting yourself up to fail.

Treat yourself
An old resolution might have been ‘I’ll never eat chocolate again’. Your new resolution should be ‘I will eat the food I like – but in moderation.’ The ‘I must never’ attitude is unnecessary. The trouble with banning foods completely is that you just end up craving them all the more. The secret is to allow yourself small amounts of what you fancy.

Be happy

Your old resolution might have been ‘I will be in a good mood every day’. A new resolution could be ‘I will relax and not feel guilty’. Can you make yourself happy? You can, but you need to allow yourself to feel down as well; otherwise you won’t know the difference. Do your best to wake up each day thinking positively, thinking happy thoughts, make the most of each day, but don’t beat yourself up when it`s not perfect.

Improve your daily life
All resolutions come down to daily life. From losing weight, quitting this or that, finishing that old project - working on a daily basis is what makes it happen.

Help your community
Helping others helps you - to feel better, and to act in more productive ways. Do something as simple as cleaning out your wardrobes regularly and donating to local charities. Perform one kind gesture a day. Be courteous when you`re driving. Say hello and smile at a stranger. Pick up some litter.

Get in touch with the natural world

It is the best antidote for our fast, materialistic world. Look up at the sky: watch the sunrise or the sunset. Walk outside in the snow, wind or rain. Buy a plant, watch it grow. Visit the parks and outdoor spaces in your area and feel the harmony of the natural world - let it permeate your senses and relax you.

Attitude is everything
If your focus is primarily on outcomes, frustration is more likely. It’s important to focus on what you`re doing right now to reach your ultimate goals. Always focus on the step that`s right in front of you.

Ultimately what keeps people motivated is success in moving toward their goals. Pick things that are going to pay off for you - things with which you have confidence. Build momentum and transfer your positive energy between goals.

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