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Jennifer Aniston
by Derryck Strachan
On the face of it, she has got it all - looks, fame and fortune – so why is it that Jennifer Aniston seems to be unlucky in love?  Her enviable list of ex-partners includes Brad Pitt – once voted the World’s Sexiest Man. But looks aren’t everything and Jennifer seems to be looking for something that runs deeper than physical attraction.

Born on February the 11th, Jennifer is an Aquarian. The traits that operate under this particular sign may have some bearing on her track record. People born under Aquarius are typically driven to have nice things around them, but are not greedy. They are also prepared to work beyond the call of duty to attain their material goals, but never expect anyone to work harder than themselves. In the circles that Jennifer moves in, wealth is seemingly not an issue, so perhaps she needs to put more focus on the personality of a would-be suitor?

Brad Pitt rarely speaks about his relationship with Jennifer, but in a recent interview said that, in the final stages of their marriage, they had to work out if they “didn’t want to go on without any outside influence.” This hints at a difference in characters. Brad is a Sagittarian, typically down-to-earth and generous of spirit, although with a tendency to be argumentative. Could the zodiac have determined Brad and Jen’s incompatibility?

Jennifer’s star traits also include a fear of being affectionate. Aquarians can be highly strung and are prone to saying things in the heat of the moment; things that they might regret later. Interestingly, the most perceptive trait of an Aquarian can also cost them a lot of happiness; Aquarians are renowned for being able to ‘read people’ almost effortlessly. Perhaps Jennifer’s Aquarian tendency towards being highly strung might cause her to “zone in” on the negative traits of a partner and sabotage any potential for future happiness.

In zodiac terms, an Aquarian’s most compatible partner should be a Gemini. Geminis are intelligent, creative and appreciative of a partner’s positive aspects, as well as being sensitive to their insecurities. While some might interpret the sign of the twins as being an entanglement of paradoxes, the reality is that Geminis are ready to accept characteristics in a partner that are apparently opposite to their own. This is because the duality of their star sign gives them greater insight into the essence of another person.

Brad has also said of Jennifer that they remain “the deepest of friends”. This is certainly true of Aquarians; they are fantastic in a friendship, but they choose their friends very carefully. In a Gemini man, Jennifer could expect to find a partner who is equally at home in the company of her friends, as he is in the company of his own. And, as Aquarians are always racing around trying to cure all the ills in the world, a Gemini partner could not only offer support, but an understanding and safe haven when those Aquarian nerves finally become overwrought.

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