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Attract New Love in the New Year
by Kathryn, Star Temple Reader
We all want to meet that special person who makes our life complete. We hope the ideal relationship will fill the empty gaps and make us whole, but we are often our own worst enemy in attracting new love. Why?

First, we believe we are not worthy of the best and highest love because of messages from our parents or negative past relationships.  We begin to believe these subliminal messages as our reality. The sub-conscious mind is all powerful and shapes our beliefs about ourselves. 

Second, we set expectations of how love should be, and we become discouraged when those expectations are deflated. We seek to control the outcome ourselves rather than trusting in divine will, especially when we meet someone new.  A new person can sense anxiety and desperation; they will feel the expectation being placed on them.  We forget that each of us must be responsible for our own happiness.

Third, we send mixed messages to potential partners - who often-times are equally confused - instead of deciding what we want from a new relationship and sticking to it. 
Easy ways to attract genuine, healthy love
  • Believe that you are worthy of genuine love and romance - it is your birthright.

  • If someone complicates your life, don`t be afraid to walk away. Don`t compromise your standards to find acceptance.

  • Honor yourself at all times, and make you your number one priority.

  • Remember that according to universal law, like attracts like.  If you feel confident and positive, you will attract the same qualities in another person.

  • If you had jealousy issues in previous relationships, take steps to overcome them.  Old problems aren`t magically fixed by new relationships. Things like jealousy are powerful psychic forces that can send shockwaves through many successive relationships, if not dealt with.

  • Use positive affirmations like this one - a good techinique is to repeat three times.

    I know that I deserve Love and accept it now.
    I attract only healthy relationships.
    I trust in the process of life.
    I am at peace.

Dating again after a breakup

A major breakup can leave the best of us feeling insecure. Keep in mind that you are a lovable and valuable person, and that happiness is available to everyone.  We are not meant to stay hurt.  In the words of the Dalai Lama – “our true business is to be happy."

As a psychic, clients often ask me when they will meet the right person. The universe will help us as long as we are willing to help ourselves. If we hide away from love, it has a hard job finding us! 

Keep a mental list of the criteria you expect from a new relationship, but don`t be too rigid as you may sabotage a good prospect. Because we are all unique individuals, a healthy relationship is a set of healthy compromises.

Staying active mentally and physically is, of course, hugely beneficial for attracting the kind of love you want. If you have been thinking of joining a gym or a new social group, follow through with it - you never know where love might show up. Follow your intuitive flashes and trust that the Universe will guide you toward the fulfillment of your wishes.

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