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Angelic Guidance
by Pavilou Landraagon
Angels (meaning ‘messengers’) figure prominently into the Nativity Story, yet they belong to no single religion. Hinduism and Buddhism recognize countless “Devas,” while Islam, Sikhism, and newer systems such as Theosophy, all speak of Angels. As our understanding of these beings has evolved, ranks and individuals have been recognised, with the Seraphim and four Archangels at the highest peaks of Angelic energy.

But the history of Angels is not as important as their presence in our lives today. Countless people, religious or not, have spoken of direct encounters. As in near-death experiences, these encounters have recurring themes: luminous visions and melodic voices, pleasant fragrances, a comforting touch - or in cases of immediate danger, the sense of being pushed or lifted. Countless polls reveal that huge sections of the world’s population believe Angels to be present in their lives.

Many feel that each of us has a Guardian Angel, a unique guide who shares in our joys, shines a light in dark times, and never leaves us. It’s up to each of us to discover what angels mean; but to those who have been touched by these graceful spirits, their reality and goodness is unmistakable. Angels embody innocence, purity, peace, and unconditional love. By their closeness to the divine source, they inspire and guide us to draw closer to our own divine nature.

What can we do to open ourselves up to the presence of Angels? Try writing a letter to your guardian angel, spelling out your problems and needs. Visualize protective angels in your mind’s eye, and call on individuals such as Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael. Remember, Angels guide us not just anywhere, but toward our highest potential.

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