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David and Victoria Beckham
by Kirsten Cross
Earlier this year, David Beckham sustained an injury that forced a hiatus on his soccer career. The British midfielder is enduring a period of extended recuperation; a process that could see him away from his game for longer than expected. The injury took place while David was on loan from the Los Angeles Galaxy team to AC Milan. AC Milan was playing against Chievo when the star suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon. Surgery in Finland swiftly followed, but it wasn`t enough to save his dreams of being the first Englishman to play in four consecutive World Cup matches. As a consolation, England manager Fabio Capello offered to take Beckham as part of his backroom staff.

Nevertheless, the injury was an unfortunate event that has seen David and Victoria spending more time together than they are used to. The couple have endured their hardships in the past, but are the stars driving a wedge between soccers most famous couple?

Victoria is an Aries born in the year of the Tiger, while Beckham is a Taurus born in the year of the Rabbit. Are these signs strong enough to weather the potential difficulties presented by Davids injury?

Born on the 2nd May 1975, David Beckhams rise to fame in the world of soccer and, consequently, right across the world has been meteoric. His dedication to the sport was apparent from an early age. According to David, "At school whenever the teachers asked what do you want to do when youre older, Id say I want to be a footballer. And theyd say no, what do you really want to do, for a job? But that was the only thing that I ever wanted to do. Since those days David has achieved unparalleled success in his field. His first professional engagement was for Manchester United in 1992, when he was just 17 years old. From that moment, he has become one of the most sought-after players in the world and was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2008. His romance with and subsequent marriage to Victoria Adams was one of the most publicised of the 1990s. However, the relationship has not always maintained its fairytale sheen, with allegations of affairs with Rebecca Loos and Sarah Marbeck threatening to tear their marriage apart.

Victoria Beckham was born on the 17th April 1974. At the age of 17, she joined the Laine Theatre Arts College in Epsom, to study dance and modelling. After answering an advertisement in The Stage newspaper for girls who were street smart, extrovert, ambitious and able to sing and dance, she attended a series if additions that were set to change her life. In 1994, Victoria Adams became better known as Posh Spice, a member of the global phenomenon known as the Spice Girls. The Spice Girls brought girl power into the public consciousness and set Victoria on a career that was to last for five years. After the Spice Girls split, Victoria briefly flirted with a solo recording career before finally finding her niche as a fashion designer. Throughout the turmoil of Davids alleged affairs, she has remained by his side, although the stress has often shown through in many photographs.

Their western astrological signs suggest that David and Victoria will use this time together in a positive and nurturing way. Although the two are very different signs with their own unique traits, the differences between them can act as a positive stimulus rather than a negative force. Of the two, Aries is the more flighty sign, always looking for a new project or experience, where Taurus is a slower moving sign that prefers to examine the territory at hand before committing to anything. Davids Taurean instinct will initially have been to mope and grind to a physical and emotional standstill.

However, Victorias hectic nature will draw him out of himself. Conversely, Victorias Aries excitement at having David to hand will be subconsciously tempered by the plodding nature of the Bull. The result is that they should find an equilibrium that draws on both their astrological natures. It would be no surprise to see David becoming more involved in Victorias world of projects and flashbulbs, but she will not throw herself into it in her usual erratic way. With David there, her life will become more organized and structured over the next few months.

However, their Chinese signs may have other ideas. The Tiger and the Rabbit are not natural companions. The Tiger is a dominant creature that likes to be obeyed and has its own agenda, where Rabbits are delicate, conservative creature who lean towards pessimism and have an inherent distrust of change. Davids Rabbit has been taken out of its natural environment for a relatively long time and must remain in a period of inactivity, neither of which is comfortable for a Rabbit. The likelihood is that unless David is able to tap into his Taurean stoicism he will fall into a depressive state, shunning Victorias attempts to encourage him into the public eye. This time will be a great source of aggravation for Victorias Tiger. These creatures see introspection as a weakness and Victoria could well start to believe that her husband is starting to hold her back. In the event that David is unable to rouse himself from his melancholy state, we are likely to see a lot of Victoria out and about in her own company, as Tigers prefer to be alone at the best of times. Should this be the case, the aggravation could turn to resentment and, in this state, Victorias feline nature will cause her to question the allegations levied at her husband. If she is not careful, she could give in to her Tigers sensual nature and create problems of her own.

This enforced time together is crucial for Brand Beckham.` Depending on which of the zodiacs they listen to, they will either flourish or wither in each others company. The greatest barometer of this will be whether we see them pictured in the press together or apart.

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