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Dream up Your New Love
by Barney Staples

William Shakespeare knew a thing or two about love and he knew how dreams could shape the outcome of our love interests. Just look at the fun he had with A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Oberon, king of the fairies, sends the mischievous nature sprite, Puck to sprinkle love-in-idleness (wild pansy) into the eyes of his fairy queen, Titania. Oberon wants to teach his queen a playful lesson by making her fall in love with the first creature she sees when awakening. She falls for Bottom, a hapless thespian wearing an asses head. He then interferes with the tangled love relationships of four young lovers sleeping in his forest. All kinds of drama is unleashed and is only settled when Oberon lifts the spell from Titania and makes the cast of characters believe all the strangeness that occurred was just a dream.  Shakespeare blurs the line between dreams and reality and he gives us an ending where everyone is happy with their match.

Folk tales and herbal lore have long associated certain plants with properties to help us enhance romance and find our true love. The Celts were known to have used pansies in their love potions. But, rather than swallowing risky potions, a far safer and fun way to bring romance into your life is to dream up your new love with the aid of herb pillows. Dried rose petals and vanilla have traditionally been used to heal heartbreak and bring prophetic dreams of the love match awaiting us. Jasmine and sandalwood can also put you into a sensual and seductive mood that permeates through your dreams making them vivid and memorable. Fall asleep with your mind and senses tuned to love and the universal law of attraction says you will attract to you people, events and experiences that match your inner state of being. You may even catch a glimpse of your lover to be in your dreams. The more you are able to focus with gratitude on the love and joy in your life and believe in the power of your own dreams, the more you will radiate your positive intentions and bring in more of the same energies into your life.

Dreams deal with all the emotions you experience in your daily life. It is important to create the emotion of what it would feel like when you have your desired love in your life. Feel it is real and know the universe is full of abundance. Then let yourself slip into dreaming and let the universal laws work their magic as you dream. Demonstrate you are ready for the change a new love will bring to your life. Change your routines and prepare yourself for your lover. Act as if you know change is coming and it will happen because knowing is a more powerful energy than thinking or believing.

Remember, when you find your soul mate you will know it. Not only will you will feel a deep and powerful connection, you will feel you have found your way home and are at one with yourself.

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