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The Hidden Wisdom of Dreams
by Pat Blackett
All of us dream every night, yet we often can`t remember our dreams, or discard them once we are awake. Dreams can hold precious wisdom and solutions to problems in life. You can ask your dreams to solve a problem for you, be it spiritual, emotional or physical. Here are a few techniques to help you get more creative with your dreams.

Laying the groundwork for your dream

Choose a night when you have some time to think about your problem before going to sleep, and a morning when you have time to think about the dream before starting your day.

Choose an issue or question that matters to you.
Define as precisely as possible what the problem is. When you have turned it over thoroughly in your mind, put your question into a single sentence. Write this sentence in a dream diary or maybe a bit of paper under your pillow. Repeat your it to yourself like a mantra before you go to sleep...

Waking up

Whenever you wake up, stay still and go over the dream in your mind so you remember it before moving. Any bodily movement will make your dream start to disappear, so try to keep absolutely still. When you`ve reviewed your dream and solidified it in your mind, try of the following techniques.

Stream of consciousness writing

Write a stream of consciousness reaction to your dream. Start anywhere and just keep writing whatever comes to mind. Don`t censor or edit. Record everything you are thinking and feeling. Look for similarities and patterns.

Reliving the dream

Close your eyes, start at the beginning of the dream, and relive it as vividly as possible. Then replay the dream again and let your imagination alter the dream however it wants to - this will lead you to important insights.
Making connections

Look for patterns or themes in your dreams. Are they progressing or changing over time? This might indicate something about you that is changing over time. Pay particular attention to recurring dreams, since your subconscious is stressing something, perhaps some unfinished business in your life.

Keeping a dream journal

An ongoing dream journal can be a good way to stimulate your ability to grasp and remember dreams. The more attention you pay to your dreams, the more your dream life will open up to you. Use the journal for detailed, in-depth, systematic exploration of your dream life.

Joining a dream group

Sharing your dreams with others can be of great value. Participants get a sense of their unique perspective on the world, while seeing similarities and differences between their own dreams and those of others.

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