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Love Yourself, Attract Another
by Richard, Clear Psychics Reader
When we think of love, the one person we tend to overlook is ourselves. Yet, whether we are in a relationship or looking for that special person, the way we see ourselves has a profound effect on the relationships we manifest.

Loving yourself is not ego, vanity, or blindness to your faults.  Really it`s the acceptance that the person you are, warts and all, is capable of being loved by another and loving them in return.

"As above, so below" is a popular adage, meaning whatever happens on a small level is enacted on a greater universal level, and vice versa. This is the prime spiritual law from which all others are drawn.

Psychic cords

Human beings communicate verbally and non-verbally. It`s easy to recognize peaceful words and gestures as opposed to aggressive ones, and act accordingly.  But there is another, more subtle level on which we communicate, and that is psychically. We radiate spiritual and energetic signals to others, and unlike other methods of communication, it`s impossible to send misleading or deceptive psychic signals. What is within us will be transmitted outwards.

When we connect with someone, we send out a thread of energy. As we continue to interact, more threads are produced, combining into a virtual cord. Some couples develop this link to such an extent that there is empathy or telepathy between them. This empathy will exist only when the link is based on higher level, positive energies. The lower energies or negatives will preclude any understanding.

The highest energy is love and the lowest is hate. If we assign chakra colours to the emotions, love is violet whereas hate is red.  If through our love we can accept failings unconditionally - both our own and another`s - then the cord`s colour will take on a white radiance, since white is the combination of all colours in the spectrum. Where there is total hatred and rejection, black will be present since it is the absence of light.

Brightening your signal

If you want to strengthen the energy of attraction in your life, you must consider the purity of and strength of your psychic signal.

Start by looking at yourself honestly. Take a sheet of paper and make two columns. List all your positive traits in one column (kind, generous, approachable, etc), and all your failings in the other. Remember to be brutally honest with yourself - it may surprise you when the good column turns out longer than the bad.

When your columns are finished, look at each negative and ask yourself how you can change it by taking a different attitude. You might have written down `shy` - could you join some group activity or society to boost your confidence? Draw a line through each changeable item. Do the same in both columns because sometimes we can try too hard to be kind, generous etc and this can draw manipulative people to us.

Now look at the items left uncrossed - accept that this is the real you and start loving the real you. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. By accepting that you are not perfect, and being willing to change those flaws that can be changed, you will brighten your signal and increase its strength. You will make yourself more psychically noticeable. Loving yourself will empower you to love others, and attract them to you.

Surround yourself with happiness. Don`t dwell on the past, you can`t change it no matter how hard you try. But you can change the future through your present actions. Don`t mope around listening to sad music. Find a happy song, a happy film or DVD. Read a funny book. The happier you are, the brighter and stronger the signal you radiate.

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