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How to Date a Scorpio
by Barney Battles
There’s a reason why the piercing gaze of a Scorpio seems more than skin-deep. This mysterious water sign is endowed with a psychic sensitivity that makes the rest of us wither—and want to know more. Who are these mysterious creatures? What’s going on behind those magnetic eyes? And is loving a Scorpio really as intense and passionate as people say it is? The answer is yes—but reaching the depths of the Scorpio heart is not a feat to be accomplished by just anybody.

Curiosity is Key

Scorpio is famous for being the dark horse, with mysterious motives and a powerful sixth sense. Think you can sweep a Scorpio off his or her feet with a routine date? Think again! This doesn’t mean you need to visit a museum of medieval curiosities (although it’s not a bad idea), but keep in mind that Scorpio has an eccentric side. If you want to hold their attention, they must feel that there is more to you than meets the eye.

Gaining Trust

To open up all at once has never been the Scorpio way—and if you try to force the issue, you can count on getting the stinger! The mystery of this sign must be unraveled in due course. If you think you’re worthy of privileged information, you’ll have to prove it through patience and tact. The good news is, once a Scorpio opens up to you, they’ll reveal depths of passion you never thought possible. Just make sure you don’t play fast and loose with their secrets. Betray a Scorpio and they aren’t likely to forget it!

Don’t Push the River

Scorpios can be opinionated and set in their ways. Why? Because they carefully thought it through and arrived at a conclusion long before you ever showed up! If you’ve got a plan to bring sweeping reform into your Scorpio’s life, then you’re fighting an uphill battle. That’s not to say it can’t be done—but Scorpio habits and convictions are developed through a painstaking process. When a Scorpio makes a decision, he or she is not easily turned back. Sometimes this trait is wonderful and productive, while other times it leaves you banging your head against the wall. The solution? Use the power of emotion to your advantage. Although Scorpios are strong on both emotional and logical wavelengths, emotion is ultimately the trump card for them. Saying “you’re wrong” is unlikely to get you very far—but if you describe how you feel, your Scorpio lover will melt for you.

Go with the Flow

Since its ruling planet is Mars, Scorpio is blessed with a seemingly endless store of raw energy. The same intensity they use for loving you—and only you—spills over into other aspects of life, giving them unparalleled dedication and tenacity. This can work wonders in terms of building a life, pursuing career goals, and raising a family. Once your spiritual connection is established, there’s no one better to have on your side. It’s just a matter of using your own gifts to bring out the positive side of Scorpio’s raw energy.

Getting Intimate

As one of the most sexually charged signs of the Zodiac, Scorpio can be nothing less than transcendent in the bedroom. Since this is where your spiritual connection reaches its peak, your Scorpio will bring the full-force of his or her emotions into the moment. Can you handle it? If so, there’s no telling how rich and rewarding the bedroom can be. But if you’re unwilling to step outside your comfort zone, then Scorpio will quickly grow bored. Remember—being adventurous in isn’t an empty thrill for Scorpio. It’s all about finding new and exciting ways to explore a profound psychic bond.

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