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Love and Palmistry
by Pat Blackett
How do you express love and affection? What type of relationship are you looking for? The answer could lie in the palm of your hand. When looking for a person`s emotional responses, and the type of relationships they seek, a palmist will look at the heart line.

The heart line can reveal the intensity of your emotional make-up and the strength of your sexual needs. Understanding your own and your partner’s heart line will help you to understand how best to approach them, communicate with them or seduce them.

Curved heart line
  • Passionate, spontaneous and tactile
  • Not embarrassed by public displays of affection
  • Generous and prone to spontaneous gestures
  • Seeks warm, attractive and outgoing partners
Sex is used as an opportunity to open up emotionally
When seeking new relationships, the curved line person will take the initiative and will be open and enthusiastic. They will look for common ground and scan for early signs of sexual chemistry. They are eager to win over and fall in love with the object of their affection, but will lose interest if the partner is too available or needy. They need lots of feedback and attention. Sexually they need the partner to be willing and eager and to respond to spontaneous impulses. Curved line people express anger easily: they tend to shout, throw things and then forget the argument.

Straight heart line
  • More analytical and reserved
  • Prefers private shows of affection
  • Reveals feelings through words and recollections
  • Seeks quiet, sincere and thoughtful partners
  • May be more inhibited sexually
When starting a new relationship the straight line person will wait for the other to give positive signals. They will seek a partner for compatibility and will need both emotional and mental chemistry before proceeding. They will seek to understand a partner’s deeper feelings and will intuitively understand how to keep the relationship on an even keel. They are happy when their partner is happy. Sexually they need to feel wanted before they can allow any intimacy to occur. They prefer sexually confident partners. In arguments straight line people are prone to sulk and suffer in silence and may resort to passive aggression.

A long heart line ending directly under the index finger
  • Want to believe the best of everyone
Have high standards in love; are idealistic, selective and hard to please
  • Look for the knight in shining armour to rescue them
  • Need to be more realistic with their expectations
  • Act generously to win over others
A short heart line ending below the middle finger
  • Can often be cynical about people and love
  • Are more down to earth about expectations of love and commitment
  • May prefer to operate on a sexual rather than an emotional level
  • Needs to put past hurts and insecurities behind them
  • Controls emotional responses to protect themselves
End of the line

The ending of the Heart Line can show how we react to potential partnerships, and to emotional hurt. The most common ending is between the index and middle fingers (often with a small fork), indicating average emotional and sexual reactions. When the line ends in a small fork this shows a balance between our practical and emotional sides. With a larger fork or numerous branches we have a more complex sexuality and may not be as much in control of our emotions and sexuality as we would like to believe.

Information courtesy of Frank Clifford’s ‘Palmistry 4 Today’

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