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Nine Ki Astrology
by Pavilou Landraagon
Nine Ki Astrology, the partner to Feng Shui, is more than 5000 years old and one of the most ancient forms of Astrology. Celebrities and laypersons  alike use it to divine answers about their careers and personal affairs. Nine Ki  is also catching the eye of businesses, who have noticed the success of Eastern firms using the ancient form of astrology to make decisions.

Nine Ki energy, the life force that pervades the universe and all living things moves and flows throughout the Universe in a particular movement. Working out these patterns and cycles allows us to ride the crest of energy like surfers on waves. Jumping on any wave at any time brings irregular results, but waiting for the right moment - the right wave - can bring good fortune. Nine Ki aims instead to repeat our successes and guard against difficulties by looking at an individual or entity, and charting cycles.

According to the Chinese, the five elements or Ki energies - Earth, Fire, Wood, Water and Metal - created our world and brought about the cycles of life and death. Their relationships to each other can bring balance or destruction.The chart used in Nine Ki uses the elements, along with other important symbols including colours, numbers, and Yin/Yang.

Each person is influenced by three main numbers at birth: a Year Number which shows their fundamental energy, a Month Number which influences how they expresses ideas and emotions, and an Axis Number which shows how others see them. These three numbers bring deep insight, and allow the calculation and planning of actions.

For example a person with a Year Three number shows a pioneering energy, because the number three is in the East, and is associated with
wood and thunder - the energy for new growth. If that person has a career that is responsible for finishing projects or collecting money, they might always feel they are in the wrong job!. The Nine Ki chart would uncover this.

So how do you go about getting your numbers? The calculations are based on your birthday. You could either get a Feng Shui Astrologer to calculate a Natal chart or find an easily available chart from books or the web.

The charts will allow you to easily decipher your key three influencing numbers and work out the best times for you to create any much needed changes in your life.

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