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Auras and Chakras
by Barney Staples

Visit a naturopath’s clinic with some troubling ailment or condition and there’s a chance conversation will turn to your general physical and mental wellbeing, and whether your bodily energies are in balance and flowing freely.  

Auras are subtle fields of luminous, electromagnetic wave radiation that emanate from your body in response to energy transmitted along neural pathways and subtle energy meridians generated by energy centres (chakras.) This is clearer when we realise that the way we perceive and experience life causes both physical and mental responses in us. Mental processing is made possible through chemical neurotransmitters and these rely on the induction of voltage in neurons. The process creates an electromagnetic energy-information exchange. 

When psychics or empaths sense, and sometimes see, auras around people, they are picking up on the electromagnetic wave emissions that resonate at a frequency in line with the outer limits of our visible perception of colour. Aura readers report how different colours, intensities and patterns in the visible aura reflect health, emotional state and personality. They say the aura reflects a person’s dominant energies. Stress, trauma or poor health cause disturbances and blocks in energy flow and the colour vibrations may be weakened. Your aura also responds to the energies of people and places. If you sense that some people leave you feeling drained and others energise you, this could literally be the case. It’s similar to how remaining calm and centred when facing a crisis is vital to optimising your energy flow and wellbeing.

The root chakra is positioned at the base of the spine and its energy vibrates red. It is associated with security, stability, abundance and self-esteem. Energy directed through the root chakra has the strongest effect on the innermost, etheric layer of the aura. Above that, the sacral chakra vibrates orange and signifies creativity, fertility and personal relationships. Sacral energy is linked to the second, emotional layer of the aura. Next, the solar plexus chakra is yellow and represents personal power and ego. It relates to the third, mental layer of the aura. The heart chakra vibrates green and signifies compassion, connection with others and ability to love. When the heart chakra is blocked, you might feel emotionally repressed and fearful of relationships. It is linked to the astral aura layer. The throat chakra is bright blue and signifies communication skills and honest self-expression. It’s linked to the spiritual layer. The third eye chakra is indigo and denotes intuitive ability and understanding. It is linked to the celestial layer. Finally, the uppermost chakra, the crown, is white or violet. It represents unity, balance and harmony and a deep connection with spirituality. It influences the outer, causal layer of the aura.

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