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How to Date a Sagittarius
by Barney Battles
Give Breathing Room

Just as fire needs oxygen to burn, Sagittarius needs plenty of space to make a relationship work. Hurrying to put a label on it won’t do you any favours. Coming on too strong? There’s a surefire way to extinguish the spark! Indeed, this sign’s constant thirst for adventure can make a solid commitment hard to get. The best approach is to be playful. In fact, avoid putting too much emphasis on a steady relationship at first. Sag loves the thrill of the hunt, and is hypnotised by spontaneity. If you want to keep them coming back for more, be unpredictable and keep them guessing. The good news is that once you are committed, your chances of long-term happiness are increased by Sag’s creative approach to romance.

Go with the Flow

Sagittarians are quick to laugh, and willing to follow a conversation wherever it leads. In fact, one way to drive them crazy (and not in a good way!) is to stay on one topic—or in one place—for too long. Whether you’ve just started dating or have moved into relationship territory, your ability to flow from one thing to the next is paramount. If it helps, keep a mental list of new places to go and new things to talk about. A surprise trip overseas will score you more points than you care to count! Avoid displays of jealousy, or trying to command your lover’s attention all the time. Their mind will wander, but your playfulness and generosity of spirit will always turn those sparkling eyes back in your direction.

Be Optimistic

A positive, ambitious outlook is one of this sign’s gifts. Nothing turns a Sag off like the regular use of words like no and can’t—or worse yet, having no goals in life. Your Sag crush will always encourage you to aim high and believe in yourself—and they need the same treatment from you. Sure, a little caution can help ground them and put things in perspective, but if you’re all about playing it safe, you’ll find your lover growing distant—and eventually cutting you loose. The secret is not to act positive, but to be positive. Sagittarius will know the difference! To this over-achieving sign, a lover that does not help you toward your goals is no lover at all.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Sag may love the unexpected, but its approach to matters of the heart is surprisingly straightforward. Honesty is a treasure to be guarded and respected, so it’s best to say what you mean and mean what you say. Actually, Sag can be painfully blunt, to the point of causing embarrassment in public places. Lest you end up with a glass of water in the face, use tranquil words and body language to cool your lover down when things get heated. The truth is, that stark sense of honesty can be used to your advantage. If you’re wondering how they feel about something—marriage and children, perhaps—don’t beat around the bush. Ask them outright, take them at their word, and move on to the next subject. At the very least, they’ll be impressed with your willingness to tell it and hear it like it is.

In the Bedroom

The long and short of it is, if you’re not willing to try new things between the sheets, you may as well forget it! Your lover’s innate sense of adventure is fully active behind closed doors—but so is their sense of honesty. So whether you like something or not, be honest and say so. Sag wants you both to feel satisfied by sex, so take your time and thoroughly explore each other. You’ll be glad you did!

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