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Healing with Sound
by Barney Battles
Most people hear a countless number of sounds every day. A car on the street, the heater running, the tea kettle singing—it would be nearly impossible to count them all. But what if this ordinary sense of ours were a gateway to mystical and healing states?

Ancient and Modern

The knowledge that sound can heal, although currently in revival mode, is anything but new. Cultures from time immemorial have used sound to commune with spirits, achieve trance states, and heal living things. The Aborigines of Australia still use their ancient Didjeridoo as a tool to access the mysterious “Dreamtime” state. Tibetan singing bowls have been used for millennia to dispel negative energies and purify the mind. The Greek mathematician Pythagorus developed a theory of harmonics to demonstrate the relationship between musical scales and the architecture of the universe. And countless creation myths—including those of several major religions—trace the origins of life to sound. The most famous example is Om, a sound which has profound meaning to Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religions. In Hindu scriptures, Om is described as the all-encompassing sound of the universe, the driving force behind all of creation. Not bad for a two-letter word!

In modern times, even science is placing more and more emphasis on sound. Sonic waves can map the ocean floor, photograph unborn children, and break up kidney stones. There is even a field of study called sonocytology, which studies the distinct sounds emitted by cells. If scientists working in this field are correct, doctors may soon be able to hear illness in a patient’s body by listening to his or her cells.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait until science catches up with the ancient recognition of the power of sound. We can bring its incredible healing power into our lives right now. All we have to do is understand a few basic principles.


When a powerful, harmonious sound is present, our physical and psychic energies can and will respond. Areas of the body and the aura that are vibrating at low or muddled frequencies will begin to resonate with the higher vibrations of the harmonious sound. We see concrete examples of this in the calming effect Mozart has on babies in utero. We also see it in the groundbreaking research of Masaru Emoto, who shows through microscopic photographs that the energetic structure of water is drastically affected by sound.


As with any healing modality, sound is greatly enhanced by the power of intention. Whether the healer is singing or playing an instrument, their psychic intentions are projected into the sound and carried into the bodies of those present. The healer’s own body will also receive those intentions.


One harmonious sound will activate other people and objects who vibrate on similar frequencies. A sound healing will therefore be more powerful in a natural or ceremonial space, and can be enhanced by greater numbers of people who are sympathetic to the healing. However, this does not take away from the enormous benefits of practicing solo.

What next?

Finding the sound that suits you best—whether you want to receive healing from someone else, practice on yourself, or heal others—is simply a question of jumping into the world of sound and paying attention to how you feel. Crystal bowls, didjeridoo, bells, tuning forks, harps, Sanskrit chant—the possibilities are endless. You might find that different sounds work well for different types of healing. Journaling about your experiences will help you develop your own practice. Where that leads you is a mystery only you can explore. . .

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