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10 Tantric Tips
by Kes Cross
Tantric lovemaking can be one of the most rewarding experiences that two lovers can share. It enables both partners to become fully aware of their own body and spiritual being, as well as that of their partner. It can be a powerful tool for heightened sexuality and intimacy, and can strengthen the special bond you have with your partner. Here we present 10 tips for more intense, complete and spiritually fulfilling tantric practice.

Create an ambience

Mood and atmosphere are important elements of tantra, and when these are created with meticulous attention to detail they can help you and your partner reach new heights of passion and spiritual togetherness. Try lighting some candles to provide some romantic mood lighting. If you can get hold of scented ones then these are perfect for awakening the body’s olfactory senses. Appropriate music can also help set the mood and add extra depth to the experience.

Connect mind and spirit before bodies

Tantric technique is all about becoming acutely alert of the tactile sensations of your own body and those of your partner. Before any touching is involved, the two of you should spend time performing self-massage techniques and discovering each other using just your eyes. The awakening this brings and the inner tension that builds can do wonders to enhance the overall experience when you and your partner draw closer.

Take things slow

Tantric practice does not lend itself well to rushing. Like all good things, creating a spiritual vibe in the air between yourself and your partner takes time and dedication. This effort and commitment to the other persons needs can work wonders for both partners’ sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.

Build up momentum

Gradually increasing speed and changing rhythm ensures that things stay interesting and helps to build the spiritual, emotional and physical connection between the two of you. Try to match each other, slowing down or speeding up in sync with the other. To do so is to align your spirits and bodies, so that your coupling is complete through and through.

Clear your mind

The experience will be all the more pleasurable if you can clear your mind of all mundane distractions before beginning. Practise quiet meditation with your partner beforehand, so that you can both give yourself to each other more completely. It may help to focus on a candle flame or an image. Bringing the attention upon tranquil music can also help to calm the thoughts and prepare for intimacy.

Keep your eyes open

The sight of your partner plays a key part in arousal, so keeping your eyes open and on them will heighten the experience of tantric lovemaking. It has long been said that the eyes are the gateway to the soul, and by maintaining eye contact with your partner throughout you can build the intensity of the bond between you and enhance the potency of your psychic connection.

Practice breathing exercises together

Focusing on the breath is a core component of all eastern spiritual practices, and allows you to concentrate on the essence of your being. At the beginning of tantric sessions, set aside some time to concentrate on each other’s breathing. Feel not only your own breath entering and exiting your body, but also get to know your partners inhalations and exhalations intimately.

Take up yoga

The practice of yoga can help you gain flexibility and get your body used to remaining still in one position for long periods of time. It can also improve your awareness of your physical being and its rhythms. Try to find yoga positions that may be of use in your tantra.

Use natural aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs have been used in virtually every culture throughout the globe since ancient times. Traditionally made from herbs and plant or animal extracts, they enhance lovemaking by acting upon the body in specific ways such as heightening the senses or increasing the production of arousal hormones. Such naturally occurring phenomenon can be used to heighten your tantric experience.

Eliminate Routine

Tantric lovemaking is all about making the intimate time you spend with your partner special and a departure from the mundane and the everyday. Avoid following set paths or sticking to tried and tested techniques. Every so often, spice things up a bit by altering your habits and trying something new.
Tantric techniques have been around for thousands of years, and this ancient knowledge can help you revitalise your love life and rekindle the flame in your relationship without the technological and psychological methods that abound these days.

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