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Good Karma
by Demian, Clear Psychics Reader
Karma is all about cause and effect. Our thoughts and actions have consequences—some of them are even powerful enough to follow us into future lives. We are constantly creating karma, so we need to be mindful of living with the best of intentions.

The real meaning of karma is not punishment and reward—it is a path of responsibility. On this path, each of us takes responsibility for our own actions. It`s not about whether we are right or wrong, but more about learning. If we learn from our experiences, the consequences invariably become good.  

How to create good karma

We create good karma by seeing the bigger picture. When we believe the best in others, think positive thoughts, speak kind words, and perform good deeds, good karma comes. On the other hand, negative thoughts about our colleagues, neighbors, family or friends can create bad karma. In this case, we have to repeat the same thing over and over until we learn.

Once we understand the lesson, we are liberated from negative patterns of behavior. If we are stuck in abusive or destructive relationship, we may not only be receiving karma but also creating it. This is why it`s so important to recognize negative and destructive elements in our lives, and do our best to resolve them.

Forgiveness is a huge step in creating good karma. Many generations of families have been destroyed from the bad karma that continues to repeat itself in the form of abuse. It only takes one generation to forgive and the cycle is broken. Refusing forgiveness only repeats the cycle and establishes unconscious patterns of behavior that can last for many years.  

How to recognize karma?

Almost any problem is transformed by the realization that karma is bringing us an important lesson. Suddenly, we aren`t victims anymore. Instead, we are responsible for learning from our problems and working to resolve them.

Things like astrology and past life regression can be powerful tools for understanding and resolving personal karma. The most important tool of all, however, is taking responsibility for our own actions.

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