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The Power of Laughter
by Jules Wyman
I have a philosophy that I live by. For me it`s a simple way to live.  I discovered it at a very young age, inspired by my grandparents, and I have endeavored to live by it every day since. I can be quite evangelical about it. Why? It requires no equipment, just you, and requires no formal training, just daily practice. Best of all, it requires no financial commitment, only a commitment to yourself.

It`s simple and effective. It`s laughter!

Did you know that the average 5 year old laughs about 400 times a day, while the average adult laughs only 15 times?!  Shocking really when you consider these facts:
  • Laughter reduces stress
  • Creates an upbeat environment
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Stimulates the immune system and can lower blood pressure
  • Increases rapport with family, friends, strangers
  • Increases feelings of wellness and joy
  • Doesn`t cost a penny
If I haven`t laughed before 11am, I believe I might as well go back to bed.  That`s how much daily laughter has impacted my life and how important it is.

There are many ways to laugh. You can grab some of the goodies off the net, or watch a funny movie, or even pull faces. Laughter can even bubble up within you for no reason at all. It`s your choice.

If at 10.55am I realize that I haven`t yet laughed, I just start laughing. No reason. No videos, cartoon, emails or phone calls. I just make the choice to laugh. It keeps my my blood pressure low and creativity high, keeps illnesses away and brings others closer to me. With such tremendous benefits, laughter is a choice worth making!

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