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Are Soul Mates Forever?
by Adam Fronteras
Whether we`re consciously aware of it or not, most of us yearn for the idea of a soul mate. But the notion of a soul mate has been misrepresented and distorted to such a degree by films and books that many of us have an unrealistic idea of what a soul mate actually is.

The soul mate is supposed to be a lightning strike - an instant recognition of someone who will intuitively understand our needs and wants. Unfortunately, pursuing this version of a soul mate can only end in disappointment. True soul mates are not a quick-fix to life’s problems. Nor are they necessarily bound together for eternity. True soul mates are the result of a great deal of psychic and spiritual work, with both parties taking on an active role in the relationship.

In searching for a soul mate, most people think of a parallel version of themselves. They think of someone who likes the same things, thinks the same thoughts and feels the same feelings. However, in psychic terms, this sort of relationship produces spiritual stagnation. After all, if both parties are more or less the same, what is there to discover? How is it possible to grow spiritually if you both want the same things? A true soul mate is not there to simply reflect your personality. They are there to complement your spiritual self, and the difference between those two points is vast.

Two spirits that complement one another

Spiritually complementing someone is more difficult than physically doing so. In complementing someone’s personality, the popular notion is that you enhance their good points and render their bad points almost invisible. To spiritually complement another psychic being, you still enhance their good points, but the real work focuses on the negative aspects of their spirit. In order to fully complement another person – physically, mentally and psychically – the negative aspects of their being must be examined closely and built upon. In spiritual terms it serves no purpose to rid someone of their negative qualities, because you are ridding them of an aspect of themselves. Instead, they must be encouraged to recognise and admit these qualities in order to gain control over them.

In addition to your soul mate gaining control over aspects of their psyche, you will also achieve a greater understanding of yourself. In recognising a problem within another, you are admitting the existence of that quality within yourself. It is only by completely understanding another spirit that the two can truly grow together.

Just as lives come to an end, so do soul mates. Upon the death of a partner, many people deprive themselves of happiness by refusing to become involved with other people. Rather than an act of loyalty, this is an act of fear. In order to fully connect with another on a spiritual level, you have to make your own spirit vulnerable. Allow others to see it, warts and all. Beginning another psychic adventure with another partner can be a scary thought, yet spiritual growth must continue through new relationships.

More than one soul mate

Many people believe that it is possible to have more than one soul mate, and that true spiritual love should not be confined to just one partner. In this view, friends, family and even pets can be soul mates, as they all reflect aspects of yourself. The more psychic bonds we establish with those around us, the more developed and spiritually developed we become. It may be that, rather than needing the spiritual attention of just one person, we become enriched by a variety of psychic links.

The very notion of a soul mate is misleading, for it relies on the notion that there is only one perfect person for you on the planet. As we have seen, focusing all your efforts to find that person may cause you to miss out on other meaningful relationships throughout your life.

The best way to prepare yourself for a soul mate relationship is to try and gain as much inner spiritual awareness as possible. This does not mean eradicating all negativity from your spirit. Instead, it means accepting all that you are, including your faults, and being aware of your self-worth. Only by being receptive to our own spirits can we hope to attune to the spirits of others and find our soul mates.

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