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5 Ways to Boost Your Psychic Intuition
by Holly Corbie
We are all aware of the five physical senses, but many of us are ignorant of our psychic senses. Perhaps the one we are most aware of, but do not use to its full potential, is intuition. We often call it a ā€˜gut feelingā€™ or a sense that something is right or wrong. In truth, this inner voice is a tool that can guide us when our physical senses might fail. Whether or not you have paid attention to your intuitive sense in the past, it is never too late to begin.

Invite Intuition into your Life

The moment of waking, when your subconscious is returning to its quiet state, is a perfect time to invite your intuition into your daily activity. Begin by making a positive affirmation that your intuition is a sense that you want to benefit from. This can be as simple as saying to yourself, ā€œI am grateful for my sense of intuition and I want it to reach its full potentialā€.

Consult Your Sixth Sense

Whenever you have a decision to make, see if your intuition is aligned to your consciousness. First look at it from a conscious and logical aspect, and then from your gut feeling. If the two are not in agreement, take the time to examine the feelings of unease that your intuition is feeding you with.

Commit Your Intuition to Paper

Monitor your intuition by keeping a journal. Write down the decisions you have to make and record your intuitive responses. When the decision has been made, record whether your intuition was helpful or unhelpful. This will give you an idea of your intuitive strengths and weaknesses.

Strengthen Your Affirmation

After time, you will notice subtle changes in the way you think. This is your sixth sense bubbling away just below the surface. You can encourage it to even greater heights by repeating your affirmation at various points during the day; perhaps when you have a few moments of solitude or just before you have to make a decision. Remember to make your affirmation positive.

Learn to Trust Your Sixth Sense

As your intuition develops, you will become attuned to its presence. Initially, this might feel a bit strange or unsettling. Most of us are used to making decisions using logic and reason. However, these are not always the best tools to use in a given situation. Sometimes, your inner advisor will have better advise, even if logic says otherwise.

By taking these steps, you are developing an extra sense that will serve you in situations where the conscious mind has limited vision. There will always be a big place in this world for the rational mindā€”but there will always be places it simply cannot go.

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