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Athenastar - 7867
I'm Offline
Credit Line
Relationships, career, past life and clearing in order to manifest goals.
Pendulum, angel cards
Clairvoyant, medium
Direct but empathetic
*Not available for Premium Line calls*
Master Psychic Medium for 25 yrs. via Arcangels & Guides, with Breakthru Results for Career & Relationships. Assisted thousands worldwide in manifesting goals via past life clearing & energy shifts to transform their lives. Ordained Minister, Radio Host & Teacher of meditation, metaphysics, energy healing, channelling angels. Spiritually gifted most of her life, AthenaStar has had advanced training from foundations and directly from ascended masters. Call her for Breakthru Insights Today!
God bless and Om NamaShivaya!

What do you most like about giving readings to Clear Psychics clients?

I enjoy working with clients that are serious on their spiritual paths, wanting to improve their lives.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign Scorpio?

As a Scorpio, I am a high achiever, compassionate, and sensitive to others, always seeking the highest and best solution for challenges in life.

What would you say to someone who thinks they may have psychic ability?

I would tell them everyone has some level of intuitive or psychic ability and all should pursue development thru an experienced Teacher and through inner clearing, meditation and contemplation.
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