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Relationships, Career, Family, Money,
Angel & Tarot Cards
Clairvoyant & Clairsentient, Angelic Reiki healing.
Empathic, compassionate, honest and friendly
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Joanne is a warm, friendly and compassionate reader who uses her lifelong ability to sense, see and feel information. She combines these skills of clairvoyance and clairsentient with the Angel & Tarot cards. Her empathic and honest approach leaves clients feeling comforted and grounded. Whatever area of life you wish to discuss i.e. Relationships, Career, Family, and money, you can rest assured that Joanne will get to the root of the matter in a style that is down to earth yet direct but will not sugar coat your reading. Joanne hopes to uplift and empower you

"I spoke with Joanne back in March. I was in a bad way and had a ton of questions. She really did answer them the way I suspected. I already felt I had a family member was feeling about me and she confirmed my suspicions. She is a compassionate and good reader.

Nikki, CA

Thank you Joanne! You are amazing, lovely and warm hearted. I had a great reading. Take care, love Van x MBS 2016

Very good, empathetic, grounded, lovely reading, Wendy xx MBS 2016

Thanks Joanne, very accurate and intuitive reading, Andrea xx MBS 2016

Joanne thanks, an intuitive and inspiring reading, Dee MBS 2016

Thank you for my reading Joanne, it was very insightful and confirmed some aspects to me which I was unsure about, best wishes Natha xx MBS 2016

Thank you Joanne, great reading, now I know which way to go xx MBS 2016

Joanne is absolutely wonderful, she put me at ease and made me feel reassured MBS 2016

Reading with Joanne she is very inspirational and very true! Xxx MBS 2016

Reading with Joanne was great and spot on, thank you Natalie 1st May MBS 2016

Reading with Joanne, excellent reading, very helpful and interesting, thank you, Hannah 1st May MBS 2016

Reading with Joanne, she is a lovely lady who was spot on with what she had to say and was inspired with what she had to tell me, thank you Sally x 1st May MBS 2016

Beautiful reading with Joanne, spot on with timescales x 1st May MBS 2016

During one reading with Joanne about 6 weeks ago we were speaking about
relationships and she stopped in the middle of our conversation and told me
something will be seriously wrong with my truck and her guides kept saying
passengers back wheel. On Friday my passenger`s back wheel started to grin
metal. I called my son who started an apprenticeship as a mechanic and told
me to bring it to him right away. He examined my truck and told me that my
truck was a death trap. I needed four tires, brakes and a suspension. He
told me if my tire blew when I was on the highway drive 120km I would have
been killed.

If it was not for Joanne`s warning I would have not called my son. I would
have waited. Because of her my four kids have their mom home and safe.

She has been teaching me the law of attraction during our readings. I have
been taking her advice and today was offered a job to work at home on my
schedule for extra money and it is not only a base salary there are bonuses
each month. For a single mom the extra money is greatly appreciated.

She is also an amazing teacher, I believe is a real asset to clear psychics
I can`t thank her enough, she is an amazing talented reader.


I felt so warm and guided. I`m so grateful...I felt very guided and very safe and secure because she was tuning into a higher power. It felt very truthful and I trusted her and what she was saying. Thank you!

D, New York, May 18

Joanne was an amazingly spot on and compassionate reader. I loved my reading with her. Maria Smith, April 2022

Joanne was so kind and warm. Her reading was incredibly reassuring and her compassion touched me deeply. Joanne is an honest reader and after feeling very stressed, I had a good night`s sleep after her call. SR, June 2022

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