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Sharon Anne - 7844
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Love and relationships
Spirit guides
Empowering and uplifting
Sharon Anne`s Rota EST
Thurs 1pm-6pm

Sharon Anne is a gifted Psychic and Intuitive Tarot Reader who specialises in love and relationships. Sharon Anne has a warm yet direct approach and is comfortable with answering specific questions.

Sharon Annes journey started from a very early age, her Mother used to set a place for her imaginary friend Feefee" at meal times, but of course she was her spiritual guide and her guardian angel and has never left her side. She continues to assist Sharon Anne on her spiritual path here on Earth, and is a direct link for my clients. Sharon Anne loves to use the alternative approach to life where possible by using crystals and oils. She is also very intuitive and always has her clients best intentions at heart.

What do you most like about giving readings to Clear Psychics clients?

I am able to connect with my guide and give sound advice on my client`s journey. I would call myself "Mother Earth Angel" and love to help my client`s in a positive way.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign Pisces?

Typically I am a Pieces - I run with my emotions - I am very imaginative and compassionate and trust is a huge issue for this sign.

What would you say to someone who thinks they may have psychic ability?

If somebody told me they thought they has Psychic abillty I would tell them to go with it, enjoy the experience and that only they can open up to it themselves.
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