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Finding Work that Feeds Your Soul
by Naomi Otley
Labor Day means that the season is changing, the kids are going back to school, and the year is winding down. There`s a new lineup on TV, a new feeling in the air. For many of us, it`s also a precious day off—a Monday morning when it`s perfectly fine to roll over and go back to bed.

But for those who are unhappy at work, Labor Day is cause for deeper reflection. If I`m not happy, why don`t I do something else? If I could have any vocation I wanted, what would it be? If Tuesday morning rolled around and I simply refused to go to work, what would happen?

These are all questions that people ask themselves—not only on Labor Day, but throughout the year. Aligning our careers with our creative spirits is one of life`s great challenges. So what does this alignment feel like, and how can we make it happen?

1. Answer the Question of Questions

Labor Day celebrates our individual contributions to society—but when our contribution is merely labor, what`s there to celebrate? The more we blur the line between work and play, the more society benefits. Even sages like Buddha and Lao Tzu recognized this.

So the question of questions is: What brings you joy and focus in the same moment? It`s easy to over-think it. From a very young age, we`re subject to so many pressures and opinions. Our passion for helping people, or designing clothes, or cooking gourmet meals, is covered over by obligations and circumstances. Recovering this passion is a matter of being still and letting it float to the surface. When we start doing what makes us happy, we can literally feel a change in the psychic energies around us.

2. Get Uncomfortable & Escape Gravity

If you`ve recently discovered what you really want to do, chances are you`ve been doing something else for awhile. The gravitational forces of comfort and familiarity are not always easy to escape!

In order to overcome that gravity, you have to make yourself uncomfortable. It`s like getting in the best physical shape of your life—you have to work, sweat, feel the burn. As you continue to push yourself, the changes become visible.

Maybe you have to tighten your belt in order to pay tuition for night school, or cold-call investors to pitch your business idea. Fortunately, your true calling is a more powerful gravity than whatever gravity you`re in. The more you show your dedication to that calling, the more you`ll be aided by cosmic forces.

3. Connect to the Network

Support and community make everything possible. If finding your life`s work is merely a selfish aim, you might go a short distance—but if you see it as part of the greater good, you`ll go much further, much faster.

The truth is, aligning your spirit with your work is for the greater good. When you feel happy with your work, you inspire others to find their own path—which inspires others in turn. This is the kind of momentum you want: A psychic network of support and success that leads back to you. All you have to do is connect to others and play a part in their dreams. Once you do this, your own dreams will unfold as if by magic.

4. Consult a Psychic

If you want greater clarity about your true calling, how to get there, and what might be holding you back, our talented psychics can help! Personalized guidance is only a phone call away.

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