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How to Date a Leo
by Barney Battles
Just like a cat, they draw attention by the way they walk. Actually, it can be a little intimidating. The good news is, if you aren’t keen on making the first move, Leo often will. An admiring glance in their direction will lead them right to you, and their supreme confidence will break the ice automatically. So what’s the bad news? Your Leo may come across as cocky, egotistic, or even self-obsessed. But if you go deeper, you’ll find store of treasure that’s fit for a king.


Leo is endowed with natural sense of royalty. It loves to be noticed and adored. Translation? Acting like you’re not impressed won’t get you very far. Leo’s got it going on, and you both know it, so why pretend otherwise? You don’t need to shower them with praise. They have a talent for reading body language and subtle cues—but one way or another, you must let them know that their magnificence is not lost on you. Wound a Leo’s pride and your chances dip toward zero. Stroke their ego and they’ll purr all day.

Dress up, Get Out, Hands-On

To see and be seen is not so much a preference for Leo as a gnawing hunger. Dinner and a movie might work occasionally, but Leo is like a big kitten that wants to play. It will grow restless sitting in a dark theater or cooped up at home. Interactive outings like amusement parks, sports events or fashion shows are the answer. Think energy, crowds, excitement! When it’s time to choose a restaurant or a bar, make it someplace warm and classy. A small and thoughtful gift, tastefully presented, will have them eating out of your hand. Want to rack up serious points? Put that little extra effort into your appearance. Whether the occasion is formal or not, pretend the paparazzi are waiting outside. Of course, if you’re going out with a Leo, there’s always a chance the paparazzi actually are waiting outside, in which case you won’t have to pretend!

With a Leo, accepting adoration is just as important as giving it. If you can’t take a compliment, your Leo will quickly grow frustrated. One of the greatest things they can teach you is that you are great, and you do deserve the best. These cats love the little gestures—such as holding the door for someone—that make our world a more civilised place. They are social and like to see you engaging others, but they only want to share your affections up to a point. If you cross the line into flirtation, and put someone else center stage, Leo will exact a psychological price.

Love and partnership

Once you’ve made it into a relationship, the Lion will stand in your corner and roar at anyone who rubs you the wrong way. Physical touching—especially a sensuous back rub—is one of Leo’s favourite indulgences, and a great way to calm them down. When the lights go out, you’ll find a blend of passion and playfulness that seems way too good to be true. Your Leo may have a self-obsessive and argumentative streak, but at the end of the day, his or her heart is pure gold. Just make sure you don’t become complacent. When you stop adoring a Leo, your privileged place in the royal court will likely to become a thing of the past.

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