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How to Date a Cancer
by Barney Battles
Ruled by the moon, Cancer is a sign of shifting moods, mysterious emotions, and deep romantic urges. Casual relationships and one-night-stands are not the crab`s cup of tea—but if a serious and committed partnership is what you`re after, this highly intuitive sign can be a dream come true.

Although it is a cardinal sign—meaning that it marks the beginning of a new season (Summer) and has a certain power to initiate things—you shouldn`t wait for Cancer to make the first move. Its connection to the moon, and to the element of water, give it a highly receptive quality. Rather than running after you, a Cancer will wait for your approach and then decide what to do with you.

If you approach the wrong way—loudly for example, with a lot of fast talk—the crab will duck into its shell and scuttle away. It`s not that Cancer is overly judgmental. It simply wants to feel a connection to you rather than try and create one through words and images. A moment of genuine eye contact can be much more meaningful than so many opening lines.

But you can`t just sit there in silence, and you really want to know more about this mysterious Cancer. What can you say help your chances? Cancerians are notoriously sentimental creatures. They love the feeling of home, and they respond emotionally to nostalgia. Try connecting to your childhood and sharing a happy memory. Cancer will peek out of its shell to see if you are for real. That`s when you ask something about their past—but if they don`t answer right away, don`t force the issue! The point is that you demonstrate a sensitivity to the importance of home and roots, while allowing them to be as protective as they wish. Cancer`s ultimate goal is to be cozy, intimate and safe with you. Being genuine and direct is key. If you play hard to get, they`ll take it at face value. It may take time to get a conversation started using these tactics, but once you gain a basic level of trust, your chances of deepening the connection are much higher.

Moving into the realm of dating and commitment, nothing charms a Cancer like cozy environments with a personal touch. A home-cooked dinner for two—candles, soft music, the whole nine yards—is more attractive than a flashy restaurant with a big bill. Even when you are in public, Cancer likes to feel that the two of you are in your own space, observing the world from a private island. It`s true that Cancers like to spend time at home—and their homes tend to be among the loveliest and warmest anywhere—but they also have a sense of adventure. The main thing is, they want to feel at home with you, wherever the two of you may be. Introducing your Cancerian partner to the family—and meeting theirs—is often a significant moment in which your relationship reaches a new level of intimacy.

Your Cancer can be moody—there is no doubt about that. Since they are more attuned to the moon`s energy than other signs of the Zodiac, their emotions are prone to shift from one day to the next. What can you do? Accept this as part of who they are, and be honest about how you feel in return. Even if your Cancer doesn`t like what they hear, they will respect your willingness to identify and stand by your own feelings, rather than trying to "figure everything out" with analysis and logic.  

If you`re wondering whether all of this is worth it, the answer is: Unquestionably! Cancerians have a raw store of romantic passion hidden beneath that protective outer shell. They know how to connect to you on a level beneath words, and making you feel special is really their number one priority. What`s more, when a Cancer truly loves you, life in the bedroom can be nothing short of earth-shattering. Cancers are protective and selective because to them, love is a VIP experience. Keep all this in mind while you`re struggling to get a foot in the door!

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