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How to Date a Gemini
by Barney Battles
A lot of people have bright eyes, a sharp wit, or a charming smile. But if you come across someone with all three, you may have a Gemini on your hands. It’s the sign of Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and countless other charmers. It radiates freedom, change and unpredictability. Sound like a good time? If you’re interested in taking flight with this amazing air sign, there are some maneuvers you need to master.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Geminis are approachable, and their dynamic mental energy will grab your attention. Likewise, as someone new in their world, you are definitely of interest to them. The problem is not getting a Gemini’s attention so much as keeping it for any meaningful length of time.

Since a Gemini is always seeking fresh new perspectives, your best bet is to keep them guessing. Rather than spell everything out, retain a sense of mystery about who you are, and what you are going to do or say next. When a Gemini solves a puzzle, they quickly move on to the next thing. Romantically speaking, nobody wants to be on the receiving end of that!

This doesn’t mean that Geminis are incapable of deep intimacy. They can make excellent long-term partners—but they need some things to remain hidden, even after you’ve been together a long time. This plays into their sense of mystery, and keeps them guessing.

Not-so-great Expectations

Gemini cannot stand to be pinned down—remember, it wants to break free and transform. To win a Gemini heart, allow them to shift direction. Beware: This can be maddening! Your Gemini is liable to say one thing and do another, or have constrasting opinions from one day to the next. With Gemini, fixed expectations are a comfort you’ll have to do without. Liberating your mental energy is what Gemini can teach you. What you’ll need to teach them—without being overbearing—is that relationships require a degree of predictability. Frame this as a puzzle to solve, a code to be cracked, and your Gemini will be an eager student.

Show your Strength

Imitating others is a sure way to lose a Gemini’s interest. The Twins are turned on by people who have their own lives, interests and willpower. The more you rely on your own instincts, the more you will access the deep store of feelings beneath the buzzing Gemini brain.

And since this sign prefers to keep its options open, you will often have to step up and make decisions, whether choosing a restaurant or a name for your child. Talk with your Gemini, explore the options, and then demonstrate your strength—show you ability to choose! Think of something to console them for having to leave certain choices behind—even just going for ice cream on the way home. Shake it up, throw in a little something extra. Introduce new ideas, and your Gemini will adore you.

A Game of Thoughts

In the bedroom, Gemini is on the playful side. They love words, games, ideas. At the same time, there is a deep and serious side to this sign. With so much mental energy at play, they love it when feelings take over and lead them to a place of true intimacy.

If ultra-charming and unpredictable are your thing, Gemini can take you over the moon. But if your idea of a relationship involves steady routine and consistent behaviour, best leave the Twins to their own devices.

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