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Psychic Stress Busters
by Barney Battles
Stress affects us on all levels—mind, body and spirit. In order to deal effectively with stress, we need solutions that work on all levels as well. Here are six ways to cleanse your psychic world of stress.


Changing what you put in your body can have a rapid effect on how you feel, both physically and psychically. First, consider your intake of high-stress foods—things like coffee, red meat, fried foods, and refined sugar or flour. These foods tend to increase blood pressure and mood swings. Now, consider your intake of low-stress foods such as herbal teas, raw or steamed greens, fruits and nuts, and natural yogurts. These have an alkalizing effect on the body, bringing peace calm to the senses. Your intuitive wisdom knows by looking at a food or drink what kind of effect it will have. Remember—high-stress foods, when taken occasionally and in moderation, can also lower stress! It’s more about intuition than abiding by inflexible rules.


There is good reason for the massive popularity of techniques like yoga, Tai Chi, pilates and ecstatic dance. The usual routines, like jogging or lifting weights, can have a jarring effect on the psyche, while practices like yoga have been refined over the centuries to bring about feelings of calm and wellbeing. So what’s the catch? This isn’t one—except that once in a blue moon isn’t going to cut it! These techniques must be done consistently to really get the benefits. Just like riding a bicycle requires you to keep pedaling, the balancing effects of these ancient techniques only come about with regular effort.


There is nothing quite like a treatment in which a professional applies all of his or her energy toward making you feel better. Massage is perhaps the most enjoyable, while the benefits of just a few acupuncture treatments can be profound and lasting. Both systems use pressure points and meridians identified long ago by ancient cultures. If you’re in a relationship, trading short massages is a great way to get regular treatments at no cost. And don’t be afraid to work on yourself to relieve aches and pains within reach.


Fragrances have a special power. They attract potential mates, warn us of danger, and even trigger long-forgotten memories. So what about melting away the stress? Using fragrances to bring more calm into your life is easy. Lavender, Sage, Rose and Sandalwood are just a few of the scents that have been known for centuries to banish stress. For the best possible results, combine incense or essential oils with fifteen minutes of total relaxation—no activities or distractions, just you and the power of scent.


Stress is often nothing more than images in your mind—how much work you have to do, or personal conflicts that feel unresolved. First, understand the degree to which these images create and perpetuate your stress. Allow your stress to become specific images and take note of what you see. Then, use the same power of visualisation in a proactive, creative way to bring peaceful images into your psyche. Natural images like waterfalls or meadows work well, as the basic language of nature is harmony and balance.


Finally, to reduce your own individual stress, reduce the amount of stress your lifestyle places on the environment. Something as simple as riding a bike to work once every week, or re-using glass containers, can re-inforce your fundamental sense of interdependence. Random acts of courtesy remind us that we are all in it together. By doing these things whenever possible, we literally embody a low-stress lifestyle for ourselves and the planet as a whole.

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