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Why is the Future Hard to Predict?
by Barney Battles
For even the most attuned psychics, the future is hard to predict. It is an ever-changing entity, subject to the whims and fancies of other, external influences and attempting to ascertain when something will happen is like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. However, it is entirely possible to use your innate psychic abilities to predict the future – assuming you ask the right questions.

Peering into the psychic soup

For most of us, predicting the future would take the form of knowing just when something is going to happen. Yet the future is a continually evolving anomaly and trying to pinpoint your own or somebody else’s timeline from that psychic soup is practically impossible. The notion of a timeline is a very scientific and linear approach to the notion of the future – and one that holds little or no bearing to the psychic universe. A timeline is a very human way of trying to conceptualise and pigeonhole our existence. It suggests that our fates are separate paths that can be traced almost mathematically. However, in psychic terms, the Buddhist belief is closer to the mark. This belief suggests that there is no such thing as the future or the past; there is simply this moment. While this thought can be a difficult one to comprehend, it can help us to make predictions.

If rather than when

Rather than trying to predict when something will happen, we should be focussing on if it will happen. Knowing that something will happen, rather than when, may seem a little frustrating, but it also frees us to take positive steps to engender that possibility into a reality. Conversely, knowing when something will happen can be viewed as a psychic ‘get out of jail free’ card - why would we bother taking positive steps when something is a certainty? This idea promotes psychic stagnation and absolves us of any responsibilities we may have to our own futures and the futures of others around us.

You may want to know whether you will meet your soul mate, get a promotion or achieve a certain goal. It is far better to know if these events are likely to take place rather than their definite date. In order to divine whether these things will happen, we need to use our psychic abilities to examine the past and the present.

Positive visualisation

Positive visualisation is the most powerful tool we have in terms of prediction. In order to send your subconscious a message, you need to achieve a trance-like state in which your psychic self is at its most receptive. For some this means taking some time to meditate whilst, for others, the drowsy state just after waking or just before going to sleep is better.

During your visualisations, you should picture the event you are concerned with, imagining it in detail, from the setting to the conversation that might take place. In order to promote the possibility of the event happening, you should imagine the best outcome you can - that you get the job or meet the partner of your dreams. This will tell your subconscious what you want to happen and, under this instruction, it will process all the information it has on the subject; psychic, subconscious information that it has collected without you even knowing. You should be left with a sense or feeling about whether your wishes are likely or not.

However, even in the event that your psyche responds in the negative, the game is not over. By imaging the best possible outcome for your wishes, your subconscious will begin to programme itself to make that future event more likely.

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