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6 reasons why you are single
by Barney Battles
You may think it’s because you’re unattractive or unlovable, but your continuing singleness is far more likely a result of your spiritual and mental attitudes. One or more of the following may apply to you. If so, it`s worth looking deeper to find what you can do to change your fortunes in love.

#1 Negative Vibes

You may be putting off potential mates—not because of your appearance or personality—but because you are emanating negative psychic energies. Desperation and neediness can scare off people who might otherwise be into you, because they sense that your spiritual self is out of balance. Many people avoid going out with partners who are giving out such negative energy, because they subconsciously feel it may become a drain on their own spiritual and mental wellbeing. Nurture the positive side of your spirit and you will instantly make yourself a more attractive catch.

#2 Subconscious sabotage

If you’re carrying a lot of mental baggage from past relationships, your childhood or other events in your life, it may be interfering with your ability to enter a worthwhile relationship today. For example, if you have a strong belief that you are unattractive or unlovable, this will prevent you from being confident enough to approach people. Tackle these psychic obstacles and you may find that getting into a relationship becomes easier.

#3 Narcissism

Self-love is important, but if you place all the focus on yourself, you`ll find it difficult to forge a connection with someone else based on mutual love, respect, and realistic expectations.

#4 Expectations

Following on from #3, if your expectations of your ‘perfect partner’ are too rigid and high-minded, you may be putting up roadblocks which prevent people from reaching your heart and soul. If this is the case then it may help to cast off, or at least suspend, your preconceptions of what a partner should be like. Take a chance on the unexpected.

#5 Trapped in the past

Whether it was a good relationship or a harmful and abusive one, your past loves can hold you back if you let them. If heart and spirit are still invested in a relationship that ended, you can`t fully embrace the new realities and loves that await you in your life. To be receptive to the spiritual and loving energies of others, you must cut ties to relationships that have ended.

#6 Destiny waits

You may be single simply because you have yet to meet the person you are destined to be with. The ways of the universe are mysterious, and will reveal themselves in good time. An astrological or psychic reading may help you to determine the kind of person you should be on the look-out for. They may also provide some clues and insight about where you should be looking.

Whatever the reasons, if you focus your energies on being whole as an individual, you will prepare yourself for a more fulfilling and rewarding relationship when it does happen.

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