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Sexual Styles By Sign
by Sally Kirkman [explicit]

You’re the most independent sign of the zodiac, Aries, which means when it comes to sex, you know what you want and you go out and get it. You’re impulsive, passionate, a great flirt and you love hanging out where the action’s at and anywhere where there’s plenty of top quality, chatting up potential.

You like to lead in the bedroom as well as in life and if your lover’s not careful, you’ll be undressed, in bed and raring to go before they’ve taken their shoes off.  You’re not afraid to start pleasuring yourself in front of your lover if they’re taking too much time.  You love undressing your lover and the naked body holds no fears for you.  In fact, going down on your lover before they’ve had a chance to know what you’re doing is one of your many ways of tantalising and exciting them.  You love to have your lover run their fingers through your hair and massage your head as the head is one of your erogenous zones.

This isn’t to suggest that you like a lover to be a push-over.  Far from it.  Being such a strong character yourself, you like them to give as good as they get.  That doesn’t stop you making sure you’re having a good time yourself.  At times you can be so obsessed with your own self-gratification that your lover can feel left out.  Don’t be selfish if you can help it - it’s not one of your best traits and if you want them coming back for more, you’ll have to curb your own desire to take all the pleasure.

You are a real dynamo, a love machine and your voracious sexual appetite can keep many a lover happy. Just make sure that your impulsive nature doesn’t get you into bed with the wrong person too often.  You’re quickly bored so any lover will need to come up with new tricks or you’ll be off to pastures new and do try and get rid of that Aries habit of rolling over and going to sleep once you’ve had your fun! Aries is the leader of the zodiac, which is why when it comes to sex your favourite position is on top.  You have a strong sexual appetite and you demand an orgasm every time at least once if not more.  If ever there was a strong candidate for a marathon sex session, you’re the lover for the job.

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