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Megan Fox
by Barney Battles
She has the money, the figure and the fame – and yet Megan Fox admits to suffering from low self-esteem. What combination of astrological signs could conspire to create this feeling in someone that seemingly has it all – and could this be part of a psychic lesson that Fox must learn?

Megan  was born in 1986 on the 16th May, making her a Taurus in the Chinese Year of the Tiger. She has repeatedly spoken of her unhappiness with herself; “I never think I’m worthy of anything...I have a feeling of being mocked all the time. I have a lot of self-loathing.” This self-analysis seems to be at odds with the qualities that her signs are most famous for. Tigers are renowned for their self-confidence and are a symbol of psychic strength and power, while  Bull is noted for its stability and simple approach to life. Why then should the combination of these two signs create such psychic turmoil in Megan?

Achieving balance between the zodiacs

The answer may be that she has not achieved balance between her two zodiacs and, in order to do so, she must experience the worst that her governing sign has to offer. In order to attain a higher psychic level of completion, Megan must first understand that there are negatives and positives associated with all higher energies. The Fates are hard taskmasters and they do not spare the rod to spoil the child.

According to Megan, she can be “aggressive, domineering, hurtful and selfish.” These are the extremes of behavior exhibited by Tigers that have not yet learned to exist in psychic harmony with those around them, suggesting that Megan’s natural inclination is to be ruled by this sign. However, rather than drawing on the qualities also offered to her by Taurus, she is eschewing them in favor of channelling the Tiger in its purest form. Tigers are solitary creatures and suffer from a belief that they are superior to others. In 2009, she was described by members of the Transformers crew as “thankless, classless, graceless and...unfriendly.” It seems that, by tuning her psychic antennae into the confidence and determination offered by her celestial feline, Megan has lost her ability to empathize with those around her. Empathy and the ability to ‘read’ people are two more traits associated with the Tiger but, in tapping into one side of what the sign has to offer, Megan has been carving a lonely path for herself.

Psychic red alert

However, psychic disharmony has a way of manifesting itself. For Megan, this is becoming apparent in her feelings of self-doubt - feelings that are alien to the Tiger and will no doubt throw her into a form of psychic red alert. The motto of the Taurean might well be: “Take care of the senses and everything else will take care of itself.” It seems that the Bull, in its slow and tenacious manner, is sending psychic signals to Megan’s subconscious that all is not as it should be. Behind the horns, Taurus is a sensitive creature and particularly concerned with the well being of those around it. Megan’s Bull will have been aware that her choosing to exploit the power of the Tiger will cause her to lose touch with the psychic web that connects us all and hurt others in the process, and if there’s one thing the Bull can’t stand it is wilful or insensitive behavior. Although the Bull’s horns are often seen as a form of defence, they can also be used to inflict psychic wounds on itself. Megan’s Taurean sensibilities are letting her know that she needs to open herself to all the aspects that both it and the Tiger can provide. These messages will manifest themselves as the ‘self-loathing’ that Megan has spoken of.

Fox has recently spoken of her history of self-harm. In many ways, this is a physical manifestation of the psychic messages being sent to her by the Bull. In times of psychic stress, symptoms can take corporeal form. For Megan, this is a tangible sign of her unhappiness with herself - a physical and psychic distress flare. However, better than self-harm to attract attention would be to tap into the Bull’s practical streak. If Taurus becomes aware of subconscious upheaval, it will address the problem in the most matter-of-fact manner available. In giving into her Bullish instincts, Megan might be prepared to admit that there is something preventing her from achieving spiritual happiness and seek out the people best qualified to help her achieve it. This might be a professional or it might be friends. Unfortunately for Megan, the path she is choosing at the moment means that her circle of friends will continue to dwindle - until she chooses to do something about it.

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