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Lady Gaga
by Kes Cross
Lady Gaga has been hailed by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. With a heap of Grammy awards, a hot new album and millions adoring fans, what else is there for to do? By looking at the stars that have helped shaped Gaga`s success, we can glimpse the future of this international superstar.

Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, Lady Gaga is governed by two very powerful signs: Aries the Ram and the Chinese Tiger. Both of these signs are dedicated go-getters. They set their sights on a target and remain blinkered to all else. From an early age, Lady Gaga knew what she wanted to do and took part in numerous high school musicals. Her school friends remember her as having “a core of good friends; she was a good student. She liked boys a lot, but singing was Number One.” However, Lady Gaga recalls that she felt like an outsider at high school: “I didn’t fit in and I felt like a freak.”

A sense of superiority

This discrepancy is neither part of a synthesized history or a perception on Lady Gaga’s part. Rather, she will have been feeling the claws of the Tiger weighing heavily upon her. Tigers are solitary by nature and suffer from an inherent sense of superiority. While Gaga may have appeared popular to others, she will have been regarding her circle of friends from a distance and isolating herself on a psychic level. Her perceived popularity is both part of the Tiger’s charm and the Ram’s magnetism. Both signs are eminently charismatic. The Tiger draws people to it through its natural authority. The Ram is a Fire sign and burns brightly wherever it goes, illuminating the lives of those who encounter it. Despite her social position within high school, Lady Gaga will have been very much a loner.

The Tiger’s self-assuredness came to play a further role in Gaga’s success, helping her to gain early entry into the New York University’s theatre school. However, she felt isolated again, believing herself to be more creatively adept than her classmates and even some of her teachers. “Once you learn how to think about art, you can teach yourself.” This mentality is the blessing and the curse of many Tigers for while they wish to succeed in the public eye, they believe they can only do it alone. This feeling of isolation will only have added to the Ram’s skittish nature. If a Ram gets bored, rather than standing back and trying again it will simply walk away from a project having already formed a new goal in its mind. Gaga withdrew from the theatre school after two years in order to pursue her singing career.

Bizarre and provocative

Lady Gaga is as well known for her bizarre and provocative outfits as she is for her abilities as a singer. However, there is more to it than just making sure she stays firmly in the spotlight. Aries astrological First House is The Self. As it suggests, The Self symbolizes how we are seen by others. However, on a psychic level, that appearance is composed of our experiences, beliefs and feelings. Lady Gaga’s outfits are a physical manifestation of her psychic energies. She is daring, intuitive and experiencing a creative high. Psychic energies like nothing more to be projected and then absorbed. Lady Gaga is tapping into the collective subconscious of her fans and communicating the message that they must strive to be what they want to be, regardless of the obstacles. She is driving them on to achieve artistic heights in whatever way they can. In many ways, she is like a psychic lighthouse - a beacon for those who share her energies but don’t know how to focus them.

However, the future could be potentially dangerous for Lady Gaga. Her creative and psychic energies are working at their optimum level and have been doing so for some time. Like Aries’ fire, psychic energies can burn out if they are not tempered. For Rams this can mean a search for artificial stimulants to simply keep the engine running. Lady Gaga has already been in the press for using cocaine, alcohol and other drugs. In order to sustain herself, she should withdraw from center stage and recharge her psychic batteries. However, the Tiger within her is drawn to the danger and thrill of pushing itself to the limits. If she is not careful, the immediate future could be fraught with tales of substance abuse and poor life choices. In turn, these symptoms of her subconscious fatigue could bleed into her creative process and cause her to make some artistically empty decisions. Lady Gaga’s fire is currently burning bright, but does she have enough psychic reserves to keep it alight for the long haul?

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