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Hunt Your Dreams
by Barney Battles
More often than not regrets tend to be made up of things we wished we had done, as opposed to things we wish we hadn’t. We all have dreams, but often these remain unfulfilled, either as the result of our own self-doubts or the negative opinions of those around us. Chasing dreams is not only a way to increase our enjoyment of life, but a powerful way of empowering our psychic selves to achieve spiritual fulfillment. In addition, it tends to be the journey towards our goal that is more enjoyable than the goal itself so on a psychic level, by deciding to track and pursue our dreams we are part of a win-win situation, whether we ultimately succeed or not.

Stalking your prey

In deciding to achieve a goal, we must prepare as a hunter would in stalking his prey. If a hunter were to decide to hunt deer, the first thing he would do is research his target, learning things such as the location of their feeding grounds and patterns of behavior. As the hunter of a dream, you must prepare in exactly the same way and research the topic until you know it inside out. This might include reading around the subject, joining Internet forums or speaking to people who have attained the very same goal. By bombarding your subconscious with all manner of information related to your goal, you will be priming it to respond positively in any given situation.

One of the main stumbling blocks for any hunter is self-doubt. By making yourself an expert in your field, your psychic self will quickly learn to dismiss doubt. Research also helps to demystify the subject of your goal, allowing it to appear more attainable and realistic.

Squashing self-doubt

A powerful way to eradicate doubt from your quest is to visualize it as an insect. Take all the notions that may be preventing you from embarking on your hunt and build a mental image of those factors as a bug that you can squash. Once you have disposed of the creature, replace it with other positive images and affirmations. By transforming your doubts into resolve, you will have begun to track your prey.

A hunter will decide on any equipment needed to hunt a particular animal and you must do the same. You may find that you need to join certain clubs to bring you closer to your goal or buy particular clothing. As you compile your list, draw up a budget of all the things you feel will help you on your journey and develop a plan that will allow you finance the purchase of these items.

The day of the hunt

Your subconscious needs to be saturated with images of the dream, so find images that represent your goal and put them in places where you will see them frequently. It is also worth deciding upon a date on which you will begin your hunt. By writing this down on the picture, you will be confirming to your subconscious self that the hunt is taking place. A specific date will give your psyche the impetus to begin all the psychic arrangements to help you on your way.

The final step is to commit to the hunt. You can prepare yourself for this with visualization. Imagine that you are standing on the shore of a large expanse of icy water. In the distance is a boat that contains your goal. In order to get to that boat, you will have to swim through the icy water to get it. By allowing yourself to experience the fears and doubts that could prevent you from diving into that water, you are once again taking stock of the things that might prevent you attaining your goal.

Now imagine yourself diving into the water and beginning your swim. Acknowledge to yourself that the journey will be a difficult one and will tax your physical and psychic reserves. However, you must also allow yourself to experience the feelings of joy and happiness that you will feel once you have reached the boat. In addition, this visualization communicates to your subconscious that you want to take charge of the situation. You haven’t waited for the water to heat up or for someone to come along and push you in – you have decided to take the plunge, in full knowledge that journey may be a difficult one.

Stay motivated

An important part of your journey is to remain motivated. Just as a deer will seem to elude a hunter, your dream may also appear to slip away from you. In these instances, immerse your subconscious in information and images concerning your dream. The more information you can send to your higher self, the more likely it is to come up with further solutions to any problems that present themselves along the way. Good luck – and enjoy the journey!

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