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Cheryl Cole
by Kes Cross
Cheryl Cole`s brief but intense public life has not exactly been smooth sailing. Since stepping into the spotlight, she has been through a divorce, a life-threatening illness, and political wrangling behind the scenes of the X-Factor. Recently, her live performances have been panned by critics. Just how much psychic damage Cheryl can sustain, and will her star keep burning brightly or fall by the wayside?

Cheryl is governed by two very different signs—Cancer and the Pig—which help to answer these questions.

Her boundless faith in humanity

There is a superstition among Chinese astrologers about people born under the sign of the Pig. It suggests that people help Pigs through life, but only to fatten them up so that they will make a better meal at New Year.

Cheryl’s boundless faith in humanity is a common trait in all Pig people, but one that can easily stray into realms of naivety. This certainly seems true of her marriage to soccer star Ashleigh Cole. Cheryl appeared to be completely unaware of his infidelities until they showed up in the press. When Pigs choose a partner, they believe that it will be for life, trusting their partner with innermost secrets and desires.

Such struggles are quite common for  Pig. The first phase of the Pig’s life is calm and tranquil, but during the second phase, problems often occur. It is almost like a psychic test to see how a Pig will react when their trust is betrayed. Many Pigs react viciously and will make a big scene, denouncing the traitor as loudly as possible. However, this negative path only leads to self-torment.

While Cheryl’s faith in humanity and relationships has been fundamentally damaged, it seems that she is in tune with the more serene nature of her Eastern sign. Rather than opt for a slanging match through the newspapers, Cheryl has often maintained a dignified silence when the chips seem stacked against her.

Disguising a fragile core

As a Cancerian, Cheryl has developed a strong carapace to disguise her fragile core. Because of their highly sensitive natures, Cancerians have a strong desire to fit in. As a result, they are capable of developing a protective shell that suits their environment. Cheryl’s is bright, colorful and disarmingly attractive, but has been developed instinctively rather than through a desire to manipulate.

However, the Crab must not be underestimated. They are perfectly capable of using their charms to get what they want. Cheryl’s rise to stardom is, in part, due to the shell she presents in the world of entertainment. Yet, despite the bright colors of her shell, there is also a transparency to her armor that enables people to see her underlying vulnerability. This is part of what makes her attractive—and also what allows her to be taken for a ride.

Time out to develop the psyche

In order to restore herself to full psychic and emotional health, Cheryl should take time to meditate and carry out positive visualizations. The Pig and the Crab are both attuned to higher energies and find it easy to tap into their restorative properties. However, during times of stress, they are likely to forget that this power source is available. Taking time to develop her psychic senses will allow Cheryl to repair the damage and move forward with a new outlook.

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