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Calling on the Planets
by Demian Allen
When life gets intense, look to the sky for answers. Just the simple act of looking up at the sky can give you a different perspective on life. It can make you aware of how big the world is, and how full of possibilities. Looking beyond the sky into our Solar System, we can tune into the astrological planets that affect us all on a daily basis. Most of us are aware of horoscopes and Sun sign Astrology, but how many of us know that we can call upon different planets in everyday life, for help in specific situations?

For example, say you have a job interview which requires good communication skills and mental clarity. The planet Mercury, the winged messenger which rules communications, can aid you with its rays. First you must ask the universe to send Mercury`s energy into your aura and consciousness. You can do this vocally or by repeating it in your mind before entering an interview.

I ask the universe to draw upon Mercurys rays.

Take another example, a romantic date with someone you really like. The planet Venus rules love and beauty, and can help create the right atmosphere to bring you closer together. It is also excellent for appearances and colour coordination.

I ask the universe to draw upon the rays of Venus.

These planetary energies are powerful because we and the planets are living organisms connection on high vibrational levels. We only need to ask for their assistance and help is ours. We all have times in life when we need an extra bit of support, whether is be an energy boost (the Sun can give you that), or focus on an exam (Saturn would be ideal). Once the initial scenario is over, remember to thank the universe and the specific planet the planet for its help. Send out love to the universe. The simple act of asking the planets for their energy will allow you to feel confident and ready to face the future.

Use the list below to help you coordinate your energetic work with the planets. Three planets are absent from the list -  Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, because the energy they transmit is for more internal changes on a spiritual level.

Vitality, creativity, presentations, parties, entertainment and an energy boost.

Children, clearing old emotions, expressing your emotions, anything domestic, and rebalancing your emotional flow, meditation, magic and rituals.

Interviews, phone calls, problem solving, writing, short distant travelling, communications with siblings and great for any debates.

Romantic dates, colour coordinations, being the host, artistic pursuits, haircuts or clothes shopping.

Sport, energy booster, confidence, quick decision making, courage, when feeling in physical danger, sexuality, new projects.

Expansion, business, acting, spiritual matters; looking at the bigger picture, promotions at work, success, abundance

Exams, focus, business matters, dealing with authority figures, driving tests, anything to do with banks or financial institutions.

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
These planets transmit energies related to deep inner changes, and their influence is less responsive to this technique.

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