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Naomi Watts
by Kes Cross
Since starring alongside Clive Owen in the hit 2009 thriller The International, Naomi Watts has become hot property and has recently signed up to play the part of Marilyn Monroe in the biopic of the tragic icon, Blonde. But what do the stars signal for her love life?

Since 2005 Naomi has been dating actor Liev Schreiber, with whom she has two children. As she was born on 28th September 1968 and he on 4th October 1967, both are Libras in the western Zodiac. Such a match may be seen as being perfect for both partners as they both share the same positive qualities. Libras are romantic, sensitive and are able to intuit the needs of their partners. They also seek to find a compromise when disagreements arise and relish harmony in a relationship.

However, Naomi and Liev also share each other’s negative qualities. Libra’s are known for their indecisiveness, and so when it comes to decision making neither partner may be able to take the initiative and fear making a choice that the other might disagree with. Libra’s can also become frivolous with money, and so despite the success of the couple they may squander their amassed wealth. Furthermore, their mutual distaste for conflict may lead to grievances going left unsaid and festering over time.

According to the Chinese calendar, Naomi was born in the year of the Monkey, while Liev, one year her elder, is a Goat. Monkeys and Goats, while not the perfect match, often have harmonious relationships together and have a number of characteristics that can be successfully combined in a loving relationship. Monkeys are both clever and charming, while Goats are highly romantic and kindly. Liev’s birth year is that of the wooden goat, which is known for being both loyal and caring. However, as the most feminine of the Chinese star signs, he may find himself being overpowered at times by the Monkey in Naomi, which can be bull-headed at times and harbour a superiority complex.

Working together

If Naomi and Liev can work together to bring out the best qualities of their star signs they can look forward to years of bliss and mutual trust. But it may be the case that Naomi’s negative qualities go unchecked by the timidness of Liev’s goat, while the compound effects of the couple’s Libra indecisiveness may spell trouble ahead.

But what other matches can Naomi find amongst the ranks of the talented and good looking of Hollywood? Her recent co-star in The International, Clive Owen, was born on 3rd October 1964 and so is also a Libra. Owen is a similar match in terms of compatibility to Naomi’s current partner, but Clive was born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon, making him a perfect love match for Naomi’s Monkey. Monkeys and Dragons are both known for their bold positivity and love of excitement and adventure, and can expect lots of passion from each other.

Edward Norton, her co-star in The Painted Veil, could also make a good match. A Leo by the western Zodiac, the two could expect electricity between the sheets. His moon in Libra could also provide the perfect balance to Naomi’s indecisiveness. He is also a Chinese Rooster, and so his upfront and honest nature could provide a good counterbalance to her domineering Monkey traits.

Plenty of magnetism

Jude Law, a Capricorn born in the Year of the Rat, could be a strong match for Naomi. Rats and Monkeys work well together in a romantic relationship and Naomi’s quick-witted nature may appeal to Jude’s perceptive Rat. The match between their western star signs meanwhile could create a harmonious coupling, with plenty of magnetism between the two. Capricorns are often the strong, silent type, and this plays into the Libran lust for a challenge and an intriguing mystery.

Naomi’s perfect match though could possibly be an Aquarian born in the Chinese Year of the Rat, as both of these astrological signs yield many positive traits that would work well with Naomi’s Libran Monkey and lead to a mutually harmonious relationship that is both passionate and caring.  Perhaps surprisingly, the actor James Spader is such a match. Born under the star sign of Aquarius on February 7th 1960, the year of the metal Rat, James scores high in terms of compatibility in both Chinese and Western horoscopes. Both actors have worked hard to further their careers, as is demonstrable in both the Monkey and Rat personalities, and their quick-witted natures and resourcefulness can only serve to complement each other in a passionate and harmonious union.

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