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Zac Efron
by Kes Cross
Zac Efron shot to fame as Troy Bolton in the hugely successful High School Musical films and was declared the ‘poster boy for tweenyboppers’ by Rolling Stone magazine. Yet he appears frustrated by his association with family entertainment.

In what direction will he choose to re-invent himself? In order to provide answers to this question, we must take a look at the astrological forces that have guided Zac to his current position and find where they will take him in the future.

Too timid?

Born on the 18th October 1987, Zac is a Libra in Western astrology and a Rabbit, according to Eastern beliefs. Both of Zac’s signs are cautious and sensitive. The Libran scales are constantly striving for balance, while the Rabbit’s timidity will not allow him to make a decision without considering all the possible options and consequences. However, one of these signs has a propensity towards chaos. The scales of Libra are not always in alignment and, when they are not, what is unveiled is the Libran’s innate insecurity – which will manifest itself in displays of extrovert behavior. Zac himself has said that, during his school years, he was well known as the “class clown”. This could well have been Zac reacting to his own disappointment at his academic prowess: “I would flip out if I got a B and not an A in school.”

Interestingly, the Rabbit also has a darker side. While it is well known for its sensitive, delicate nature, the Rabbit also harbors an innate pessimism. Once again, this is born out of personal insecurity and belief that they are bound to fail.

His own worst critic

What is evident from both these signs is that Zac is his own worst critic – and it may be that this constant self-doubt and self-criticism has spurred him on to achieve heights that he secretly thought beyond his reach. While it was his father who first encourage Zac to become an actor, it was Zac’s cautious and self-deprecating natures that propelled him to stardom. Rather than just diving in, he embraced all the required disciplines of his craft, taking singing lessons and dance classes to give him a firm foundation from which to work.

It seems that the more negative aspects of both Zac’s signs are working together again to help him achieve greater accolades. In a recent interview, Zac stated his desire to become recognized as a serious actor:  "(There is) pressure from myself. I wouldn`t say I feel it externally from other people," he admitted."It seems like it would have been fine if I`d just gone and done another musical or something. I think for my own sanity and to prove something to myself, I definitely have to diversify, try new things that are more challenging, that are perhaps scary and that have a good probability that I`ll fall flat on my face in the execution."

These words seem to bear out the idea that Zac is forced ever-onwards by his own insecurities; he admits that he is under pressure from himself and has a low opinion of his chances of success. However, given that he seems to want to outrun the darker shadows of his star signs, it seems that he will succeed – but at what cost?

Out of his comfort zone

While Zac was performing in musical films, he was working within his comfort zone; the Rabbit was appeased by his having weighed up all the options and his scales seemed balanced. However, as their ultra-sensitivity has come to the fore again, he is now driven to work in unfamiliar territory – almost as if he is paying some sort of psychic penance for finding a niche that he was comfortable in.

While Zac’s aspirations are admirable, he must be careful of the darker aspects of both his signs. In trying to establish himself as an actor with gravity, he will be under a lot of scrutiny – and this could unbalance his inner scales and set his Rabbit running for cover. Unfortunately, with star signs of this nature, unbalance could send the Rabbit running in the wrong direction and set a course for self-destruction, If Zac is not careful, we may find the newspapers riddled with stories about drink and drugs; vices that offer an anaesthetic to silence the inner chastisement of his insecure signs.

On the surface, Zac appears to be a quiet, yet grounded person. However, this persona masks the insecurities placed on him by an unusual combination of astrological signs. On one hand it can work well for him, driving him to climb greater creative peaks. But too much pressure from these signs could see Zac ending up as a victim of his own sensitivity.

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