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Find Your Soul Mate
by Kes Cross
Many who have been single for a long time are prepared to accept the first person that comes along, rather than waiting for the person who ticks all the right boxes. Accepting second best may give a sense of self-worth in the short-term, but in the long-term it can only lead to paying a higher psychic price.

Resolve to Find Your Soul Mate

By accepting second best, you are affirming to your subconscious that you are not worthy of your dreams and ideals which, in turn, can instigate the beginnings of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead, take some time to consider all the qualities you would like in a partner, from their hair color right through to their likes and dislikes. Write those qualities down on a piece of paper and refer to it, either before you meditate or just before you go to sleep. This will attune your subconscious to be receptive to that person when they enter your life, filling you with the confidence that they are attainable.

Resolve to Achieve Happiness

There is an adage that suggests that people create their own luck. There is more truth in this, in psychic terms, than you might think. Psychic energies are like magnets. Positive energies will attract positive energies and repel negative ones. However, the reverse is also true. You may notice that once you have one negative thought, others are swift to follow. Negative energies are like iron filings to the magnet of the subconscious. Once you’ve attracted one, you open the floodgates to attract more. Again, meditation is a powerful tool. If you are feeling at a particularly low ebb or are experiencing low self-esteem, you should be aware that these are symptoms of psychic unbalance.

To restore your psychic harmony, you should practice positive visualization. One of the most effective methods is to remember a time when you were confident and happy. Once you can clearly visualize that moment in time, you should then visualize the ‘you’ of the present stepping into the ‘you’ of the past, rather like putting on a suit of clothes. Whilst visualizing this, use the rest of your senses to remember how it feels to be this confident, attractive person. Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy, so it will assume that you are giving it permission to restore balance to your psyche and become the person that you want to be. After a while, you will find that this state of mind becomes second nature and you will notice your ‘luck’ begin to change as your positive energies start to attract the same in other people.

Be Ready

How you conduct your physical life can have a profound impact on your psychic life. Eating well and taking exercise are a fantastic way of aligning your body and spirit. However, this shouldn’t be a punishing regime that you come to resent. Instead, you should seek to eat foods that nourishes you spiritually as well as physically. It might be that you choose to eat foods that are associated with good memories or that you associate with healthy, attractive people. Exercise should also offer solace to the soul as well as the body.

Taking a long walk in peaceful surroundings can leave you feeling much more aligned than an hour’s sweating in the sterile environment of a gym. You may want to embrace a new activity such as climbing or golf. Not only are you gaining the benefits of exercise, but you are affirming your positive resolution to seek out positive people and focus your own good feelings. In addition, you will start to mix in new circles – circles in which your soul mate might be mixing.

Weave A Little Magic

Once you have encountered the person who fulfills the right criteria, you should begin to visualize encounters in which you are both drawn to each other. These visualizations will make your psychic self more attuned to any signals your soul mate will send out – and also help you to send out the right signals yourself.

Preparing yourself mentally, physically and psychically to meet your soul mate will not only increase your chances of meeting the right person, but will also leave you feeling more confident and psychically aligned.

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