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Lindsay Lohan
by Kes Cross
Lindsay Lohan’s life so far can be viewed as a prime example of a promising child star who fell foul of the excesses of Tinsel Town. Will the problems ever stop, or is this just another story of a celebrity buckling under the pressure of fame? What can the stars tell us about her darkened path?

Born in New York City on 2nd July, 1986, Lohan is a Cancer born in the Chinese Year of the Tiger. Like all Tigers, her ambition was evident from a very early age. At the tender age of three she received her first break when she was picked to be a model for the car manufacturer Ford. During her early childhood she went on to star in over 60 television commercials.

By the time she was nine years old she was picked to play the role of Ali Fowler in the popular long-running US television soap Another World—but it was her starring role as identical twins in the Disney remake of The Parent Trap that catapulted her into stardom in 1998. Since then, Lindsay has seldom been out of the public eye. Tigers are well known for being hungry for a challenge, and perhaps it is this innate drive that caused her to achieve so much at such an early age.

Too much too soon?

After starring in a number of TV movies, Lindsay had another big hit with 2003’s Freaky Friday alongside Jamie Lee Curtis, and won Best Breakthrough Female at the MTV Movie Awards for her performance. A year later she won MTV’s Best Female Performance for her role in popular teen comedy Mean Girls. At the same time, she had a burgeoning musical career and a five-album deal. It seemed that she could do no wrong—but Tigers are prone to living too fast at times, and doing things in excess. Lindsay soon attracted a reputation as a party girl and was chastised by studio bosses on a number of occasions, either for being late on set or failing to show up at all.

The following years brought a series of arrests, hearings, jail sentences, community service, and probation. Her repeated failure to report to the courtroom or other mandatory activities only made things worse, and when she did appear, the cameras often captured the outward display of emotion and frustration that both Tigers and Cancerians are renowned for.

Sensitive and nurturing

While sensitive and nurturing, those born under the sign of Cancer are ruled by the moon. Their moods are known to change accordingly, and this may account for her some of her  destructive behavior. Yet Lindsay may still find a shining path out of the darkness that has eclipsed her career in recent years. Crabs are known to care passionately about causes, while Tigers have warm hearts that cause them to fight for what they believe is right.

Lindsay has done charity work in India and Malawi once her rehabilitation program is completed, and worked on a documentary exposing the trade in child trafficking. If Lindsay can increase her focus on the caring nature found in both her Western and Chinese star signs, she may be able to rehabilitate her image once and for all.

Relationships are also key for Lindsay. Being part of a fulfilling and stable relationship with an Earth or Water sign—particularly one born in the Chinese year of the Dog or the Horse—could help her control her unpredictable temperament and diminish her wild-child reputation.

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